The Problem With UDECOTT


The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the public thinks it is a corrupt organization staffed with people who are born to be crooked. The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the designers of the Brian Lara Stadium couldn’t tell the difference between a tulip and a coconut tree. The biggest problem isn’t even the stadium may become a billion dollar white elephant and make Israel Khan more angry. The Biggest problem isn’t even with the millions of taxpayers’ dollars that is being spent on lawyers to defend foolish men employed by taxpayers against taxpayers.

The biggest problem with UDECOTT is that the masses who screamed about the corruption with the Piarco Airport Terminal are now silent and indifferent about UDECOTT. These are the masses that are on standby to either wave a flag in support of something that can’t be defended logically or keep their tail between legs. It depends on what their Leader says and not their brains.

People in Trinidad and Tobago believe right and wrong isn’t based on logic but based on who thief. Kevin Baldeosingh,  in his masterful Trini trolleys and More Trini trolleys articles, pointed this out. Sadly, Trinidad and Tobago hasn’t developed into a logic-thinking  society but into something frightening.

3 thoughts on “The Problem With UDECOTT

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  2. There’s no logic to politics in T&T. Come to think of it, there’s no logic to lots of stuff in T&T. But then, T&T is a microcosm of a macrocosm. Searching for logic is crazy-making.

    Thanks for those Kevin Baldeosingh links. He’s another writer I always enjoy. His writing, that is… His curly hair is nice too. 🙂

  3. Trinidad and Tobago is a happening country. Things just happen and disaster and traffic usually follows. KB is an excellent writer and also a very funny one. His natural curls is also a plus, I imagine 🙂

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