What Trinidad is Famous For

Port of Spain Map - Duke StEverybody knows that Trinidad and Tobago is the land of the cocrico, the humming bird and unproductive, billion-dollar mega-projects but how many know that Trinidad is also the land of the Traffic Light.

Let’s say you leave Port of Spain and enter Wrightson Road at Duke Street corner and would like to get to Arima via the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Do you know you would meet no less than twenty traffic lights and a bridge under repairs for nearly a year due to typical Ministry of Works’ incompetence? Here is the list of these traffic lights:

  1. Dock Road/Hyatt
  2. Independence Square
  3. Light House
  4. Sea Lots
  5. El Socorro
  6. Aranguez
  7. Uriah Butler
  8. Bamboo/Labor College
  9. Valsayn
  10. Valpark
  11. Kay Donna/Southern Main Road
  12. UWI
  13. Pasea
  14. Macoya
  15. Golden Orange Grove added to list 0n 7th October 2009
  16. TrinCity
  17. Golden Grove
  18. Maloney
  19. Mausica
  20. Omera
  21. Tumpuna

Trinidad Traffic LightIs it any wonder the population is edgy and the slightest provocation by Government arrogance is met with angry headlines, editorials, blogs and Wade Mark? Is it any wonder we couldn’t care less about the UDECOTT Board and we don’t believe they are made up of people of integrity despite the fact they wear suits and some speak with peculiar accents.

We are a nation that takes too long to get anywhere and when we do get there we are met with No Parking signs, wreckers and gun-toting bandits who already have a sale for your car. Not only does the city flood with short clouds but the arrogant, pro-flood Mayor wants to ban wee-wee trucks. The population is fed up of the visionary who thought the entire population must work in the same tall buildings in the same cramped and waterlogged city plus get there at the same time without thinking about the reintroduction of hanging. The population is fed up of short-man syndrome policies that attack the people instead of help. We are a population that wants to stop fighting with our elected Government and selected President and start worrying about how much of the Heritage Fund will be used for conferences and bribes.

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11 thoughts on “What Trinidad is Famous For

  1. I love the analogy you’ve made between the figurative and the literal (the former Lit. teacher and student in me cannot help but admire it).

    I need to find the exact country, but an experiment was done in which the traffic lights in a city with a high accident rate were all disabled. The result was that the rate of accidents decreased because drivers were more careful and paid more attention on the roads because they didn’t have the traffic lights to depend on.

    The result of disabling the traffic lights in our capital has been chaos (based on what I experience daily on my way home). I have seen and almost been in several accidents because drivers simply refuse to yield.

    Is it that we are sheep who will forever need some form of a shepherd because we are incapable of making the right decisions on our own unless we are dictated to? Will we always need ‘traffic lights’ because we’ve grown so accustomed to being dependent on something?

    Only time will tell…

    • Thanks, ennekaycee 😉

      Self-regulating traffic requires a certain maturity in the population but in the end our dog-eat-dog instincts rule. It’s a nightmare to try to get out of POS at peak hours and this could take about an hour when there is no rain. Can you imagine when there is an evacuation. Short-man syndrome policies apply.

      We are mostly sheep with a few goats and the Government like it so. The Government knows that we like to complain and talk to cure frustration even though that technique never succeeded in TnT.

      You are right and time will tell if things will change for the better.

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  3. aka_lol you forgot “We like it so.”

    Churchill Roosevelt Highway should be re-named to CR Main Street. Highways do NOT have traffic lights.

  4. 21… You missed the one between Macoya and Trincity at Orange Grove Road. Depressing , because I know every single one…

  5. Sorry guys; but the “Churchill Roosevelt Highway” is not a Highway. Highways do not have traffic lights. I think you have a local street “Churchill” with may traffic lights.

    Do you also have “freeways’ or “parkways” with traffic light in Trinidad.

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