Pro Max, The Judge and The Piper

botanical-fruit-guavaIt was starting to look like a real guava season but then Pro Max decided to embarrass The Judge. Even people without integrity jumped on Pro Max’s case and chastised him for his action which caused an early withdrawal of a member, thus causing much disappointment instead of satisfaction. Some even went so far to say Pro Max was hypnotized by the music from The Piper, who was man capable of doing many favors but little good.

The word on the street was that Pro Max was not a sportsman therefore never had the need for balls so even if he had them he would not know how to use them. Besides, Pro Max was not in the ball-having industry but the Piper-music business. Pro Max even heard a voice like the Piper’s say “you pick, but I will choose.”

Pro Max packed his bags and headed for a much needed rest from nothingness, leaving the country with guilty silence.