Wolverine, My Butt


Is it my body or my brain
Do I drive you insane.
Is it the power of my touch
Do you need me too much, too much, too much…

What is my charisma
What is my charisma

Charisma –Howard L. Marks and Gene Simmons

x-men-origins-wolverine1Women find the x-man called Wolverine to be a charismatic super hero who has more charisma than Spiderman or even the Incredible Hulk. Initially, Wolverine became a charismatic sex symbol because he was a bad ass with a good butt. The movie directors, in an effort to rake in millions in a sagging economy, decided to have the x-man bare his butt on the big screen to help generate income. This formula worked and women dragged their boyfriends and lovers, along with their wallets, to the cinema for men to see what women were missing in bed – a bare-butt, Australian actor.

Despite the Hulk having a bigger and greener butt Wolverine is considered sexier. It is clear that butt size and color alone does not make a man sexy. Men and superheroes are sexy to women because of their bad-boy attitude and animal instinct in bed. That animal should, however, never be a mouse, rat or skunk but be a wolf, a tiger and an anteater at the same time. A firm butt is  an asset to any man who is trying to attract a gym-shaped, hard-to-get female but once that man also has bushy eyebrows and the ferocity of a wolf he will have his prey.

wolverine_600x400A woman says she wants a good man but some men misunderstand this to mean a churchgoer. What she really wants is not a man who can pray and send her to heaven but a man who can send her to heaven without a prayer. Apparently, Wolverine is such a man.