Chris Brown Charged for Alledgely Assulting Rihanna

chris-brown-rihannaThe Los Angeles Police Department was reported to be investigating a Mr. Chris Brown for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Robyn Rihanna Fenty( Rihanna) on Sunday. Both Mr. Chris Brown, and Rihanna  did not attend the Grammy awards last night and Rihanna was scheduled to perform. Rihanna has sold over 10 million song downloads for 2008, more than any other artiste. I am not sure how many Chris Brown sold and really don’t care.

Hopefully, this is just a rumor and it never happened. Hopefully this was a piece of mischief propagated by a press desperate for news and nothing more. But suppose it isn’t a lie. I didn’t see the booking sheet for Brown but it is being reported he is out on $50,000 bail.

Wouldn’t this be tragic if it were true. Another man beating a woman and it doesn’t matter if it was a tiny slap or not. I think the world doesn’t need another woman-beating male hero and who can sing and dance and display tattoos on his arm to prove his machismo. I have no idea what either Chris Brown or Rihanna is like in real life but surely violence by a man against a woman, any woman is a sign of male weakenss and a dysfunctional male brain. Surely, the life of celebrities are stressful but excuses are always too easy to find. I also have no doubt the the counseling of the male can work but I feel public shaming, a don’t buy CDs by the prepetrator and a long jail term would be close to appropiate justice. On a more opmistic note, this incident may not be true but I can’t find any evidence it isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Chris Brown Charged for Alledgely Assulting Rihanna

  1. Tragic indeed. Domestic violence is a big problem. The thing I do not understand is that a lot of people idolize celebrities and seem to think that just because they are good at performing they must all have great characters.

  2. Yes, I did hear people take different sides on this. Even read some news saying rhianna hitting him first. I feel no matter who started it, It’s wrong.

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