Saving Money The Old Fashion Way


Banks are losing the battle against mattresses.  With financial institutions crumbling and others under suspicion people are going back to the good old ways of saving money. Unlike with financial houses, mattresses offer savers the peace of mind of knowing where the money is once the mattress is theirs. Bankers, in an attempt to woo customers back have launched a campaign against the mattress. In a recent ad some bankers are claiming the mattress is an easy target for bandits and people should not be foolish with their money. The ad was signed Madoff, Duprey and Stanford.

It doesn’t matter if a person has ten dollars or ten billion dollars, mattresses are safe havens for both billionaires and paupers alike. Whether you put your money in Sealy, Serta or Lensyl the level of security and peace of mind is the same. However, there are differences in the way people bounce on the various models. Mattress companies are now seeing new opportunities and are developing something called the high-security mattress for those who want a bit more security because they underpay their sleep partners. So, the next time your banker offers you a financial instrument with a high rate of return tell him you will sleep on it.

8 thoughts on “Saving Money The Old Fashion Way

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  2. Banks talking about thieves just reminds me that corporate America doesn’t want you and I to be innovative or old school with our money. They want it tied up in their failing schemes.

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