Valentine’s Day – Teddy Power

Hot Lips Flower - Asa Wright

Hot Lips Flower - Asa Wright

I was going to write something in my blog on Valentine’s Day but I was too busy finding that right gift. It seems all the stores were out of edible panties and a box of chocolates doesn’t have the same effect.

In principle, Valentines Day makes sense as the economy is stimulated as much as the people who observe it. It is a day when couples give each other senseless stuffed white and red teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolates. It is also the day some guys try for sex by buying that special someone a dozen roses and think dinner at Tiki Village is the right aphrodisiac.  What would St. Valentine say if he could see into the hearts of some men on that day of love? “Go for it!”

Valentine’s Day is no longer a day of Love or Lust but a day of Guilt. It is a day weak men buy the traditional gifts for that special someone because other men are doing it. The first working day after Valentine’s Day is even more important than the Day itself. It is the day when women huddle together to compare notes and prove to each other how well trained the males in their lives are. Those women who cannot train their men or have no one worth training simply lie. Valentines Day has nothing to do with showing love and affection but all to do with showing off. It is the day women use to demonstrate to men, even real men, the power of the Teddy.

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