WASA Trinidad and Tobago – More Incompetence than Water

Yesterday the Prime Minister told a small gathering the reason people are currently burning tires for water has to do with the dry Rainy Season last year plus the dry Dry Season this year. The Prime Minister forgot to mention the role his Government and WASA have played over the last few decades in causing this current shortage.  Anybody who had to deal with any state enterprise at many levels over the years would be sure to conclude that WASA stands out as a model of incompetence and stupidity. T&TEC and even TSTT have upped their service to customers tremendously over the years but WASA has regressed to something frightening even by Trinidad and Tobago standards.

Incompetence and mismanagement are a cultural and blossoming thing at WASA, and it starts with the clueless security guards at the entrance of their compounds to the highest levels of management. The people who are currently protesting for water down South would be glad to hear that WASA has leaks in the North and East of Trinidad where hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are wasted weekly. These same leaks are causing road damage and private property damage but yet go unattended despite being repeatedly reported to clueless leak specialist at WASA nearly every day. I suppose if these reports were made at certain rum shops they might be attended to.

The Board of WASA recently claimed that WASA was now a transformed organization sporting a foreign CEO, and I have to agree with the Board since WASA is now an organization that is so hopeless it makes the old WASA look like a gem. I think there isn’t much hope for WASA as they never even try to put their best foot forward since they have none. In the past, WASA was used as a political playground by the Government and the results of giving people jobs without work is taking a toll on the population and the Government. Maybe the solution to WASA’s woes is to shut the organization down and then rehire from scratch like is being planned with the Licensing Office, BIR and Customs.

There is no short-term solution to the current water riots and I predict bigger riots and protest as the dry season gets drier every day. I see almost no hope for WASA, or the country’s water supply, even in the distant future.

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