Why Flow Trinidad Internet Sucks

Flow Trinidad Internet Speed Test - 8:00 pm

Flow Trinidad Internet Ping Test 8:00 pm

This is what Flow Trinidad and Tobago, at St. Augustine looks like at 8:00 pm every night with a 10 Mb/s account – a 56kbs dial up. As predicted, Flow cannot  deliver what they promised customers because they either lack the infrastructure or technical competence to deliver what they sell. The test is one thing but people can’t even stream low resolution YouTube without 6 pauses for buffering during a 3 minute video. Half the time the video even stops loading completely.

There was no spyware on the machine as this test was done on a new Dell Studio XPS 8000 protected with the latest version of McAfee. The test was done with a direct connection from the modem to the PC via an Ethernet connection. There were no other applications running which would suck up bandwidth.  I am not the only one to have this complaint in St. Augustine and  Flow knows it. I refuse to do a speed test using the Flow Speedtest servers  located in Trinidad because, in my opinion, those servers were set up to scam customers. Sorry Flow, but your customers think you are  Dishonest, you Suck, and you Failed.

To be fair, Flow works well at around 5:00 am but at night, when it is really useful to most people, Flow is as good as WASA in the dry season.

On a brighter note, the Best Cable TV in Trinidad can be had, not from the fuzzy picture quality Flow, but from: