Is the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament unfairly favouring Apple?

Within a month or so my fellow citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will learn what economic austerity measures will be in store for them. Measures which may include things such as increases in the price of fuel,  VAT, import duties, along with higher taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, iPads and incomes. All these measures will be unleashed onto the public coupled with retrenchment in the public service.  Also, within the same time-frame, Parliamentarians will receive, at taxpayers’ expense, the iconic and expensive iPad tablets which can be used for storing Parliamentary documents and playing Angry Birds.

According to the Speaker of the House, The Honorable Wade Mark, he decided to issue the iPads to strengthen the 50-year-old nation’s democracy which has an unlimited supply of taxpayers dollars.  I understand that  Mr. Mark said the process of acquiring iPads will be as transparent, thus corruption free, as possible.  But to start with, Mr. Mark said iPads and not tablets. Does technology-savvy Speaker of The House of Representative even know there are many excellent tablets out there that will serve the 71 Parliamentarians just as well as iPads but are cheaper? Mr. Mark was backed up by the President of the Senate, Mr. Timothy Hamel-Smith, who said that laptops hide the faces of members of Parliament but I fail to see how that is a bad thing. When Parliamentarians were provide with laptops did the powers that be say what brand of laptops they needed? The Speaker needs to come out and tell the public why he has this bias towards Apple Inc. It could well be Mr. Mark used the word iPad to mean a tablet with a Retina display and dual-core A5X  processor just as some use the word Colgate to mean toothpaste, Nescafe to mean coffee and Durex to mean condom.

The world has gone global, competition is stiff and Samsung is great. I suggest if this Government and Speaker want to appear to be the pillar of honesty they must go out for an open public tender for tablets with suitable functional specifications and not simply go out to tender for the prestigious iPad. Failing to do so will introduce the smell of bias and favoritism on the doors of Parliament and our Democracy proving once again to citizens that this Government is not as honest as previously advertised.

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Why Flow Trinidad Internet Sucks

Flow Trinidad Internet Speed Test - 8:00 pm

Flow Trinidad Internet Ping Test 8:00 pm

This is what Flow Trinidad and Tobago, at St. Augustine looks like at 8:00 pm every night with a 10 Mb/s account – a 56kbs dial up. As predicted, Flow cannot  deliver what they promised customers because they either lack the infrastructure or technical competence to deliver what they sell. The test is one thing but people can’t even stream low resolution YouTube without 6 pauses for buffering during a 3 minute video. Half the time the video even stops loading completely.

There was no spyware on the machine as this test was done on a new Dell Studio XPS 8000 protected with the latest version of McAfee. The test was done with a direct connection from the modem to the PC via an Ethernet connection. There were no other applications running which would suck up bandwidth.  I am not the only one to have this complaint in St. Augustine and  Flow knows it. I refuse to do a speed test using the Flow Speedtest servers  located in Trinidad because, in my opinion, those servers were set up to scam customers. Sorry Flow, but your customers think you are  Dishonest, you Suck, and you Failed.

To be fair, Flow works well at around 5:00 am but at night, when it is really useful to most people, Flow is as good as WASA in the dry season.

On a brighter note, the Best Cable TV in Trinidad can be had, not from the fuzzy picture quality Flow, but from:

Show Me Your Cookie

Not all cookies can be seen

Not all cookies can be seen

Only a few years ago if you wanted cookies you would have to bake them, steal them, or buy them at the going rate. Now, however, if you want to have a more meaningful life, you would also have to enable them. Cookies have come a long way from the streets and ovens and are now on most web servers and hard drives. Cookies are powerful Internet functionality tools and have become as important to the Internet as handcuffs are to bondage fantasies. Some experts suggested that the Internet “cookie” was named “cookie” because of the Chinese Fortune Cookie which contained a simple text message. The only difference between a traditional cookie and an Internet cookie is that you can eat one but not the other.

In the Web world cookies are used by web servers and websites to track users, usually in a non-malicious way, to enhance the user-experience. Cookies can be used by websites to tell when a customer returns and that customer’s desires.  Cookies are used to keep a web voter honest by blocking repeated attempts at voting for Jennifer Aniston. Cookies are vital and some websites may not work, or not work properly if the web browser a person is using is set to reject cookies. Some social scientists suggest that men readily accept cookies but women have reluctance to cookies. In the world of the Internet there is very little difference between a Chinese cookie and a Danish cookie but  there is a big difference between the baked varieties  of these two countries and that difference is sometimes called melamine.