Beyonce Good for Trinidad and Tobago

I don’t think the money TSTT is spending to stage the Beyoncé Concert is exorbitant or unnecessary as it will bring more exposure and happiness to Trinidad and Tobago than the two useless summits held in the country last year along with the vindictive property tax. If Government Ministers are to be believed, the summits cost around a billion local dollars and caused nearly 99.99% of the World’s population to yawn almost in sync. Yet, when the Anya Ayoung-Chee sex-tape hit the Internet, Google was flooded with interest in Trinidad and Tobago, and genuine interest, not a corn soup level of interest. Some say the sex-tape was a fiasco but given the spate of suicide bombings and attempted terrorist attacks on the productive people of the world, I would say a sex-tape is a wonderful breath of fresh air for our country. But, I digress.

If staging the Beyoncé concert will take away sales from those who sell things for Carnival then it will show how weak Carnival really is among locals. It’s always better to know a weakness than to pretend it doesn’t exist. Beyoncé is World Class and world-known, and for a country the size of Trinidad and Tobago to stage a Beyoncé concert says more about our abilities as a country than holding useless Summits to entertain the top dummies from various countries. We have to stop pretending that world leaders are important and start recognizing the greater influences entertainers have on the world.

Despite the increase property tax, I am in favor of Beyoncé since she has a pretty face, great legs, wicked dancing ability and great personality. These characteristics are appreciated much more than the ability to lie to the public or to wrongly say one is stronger than a lion. To pretend that Beyoncé hasn’t done more for world hope and happiness than all the politicians in Trinidad and Tobago combined, is to continue to live in the delusion that we as a nation are as World Class as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.

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26 thoughts on “Beyonce Good for Trinidad and Tobago

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  2. I don’t know Chica, if Susan Boyle learns to do a decent Trini wine, her concerts may be more popular than Beyonce’s since she certainly seems to have more talent.

  3. LOL….Love the post!!! I just love the way our culture promotes loose arguments on topics that really aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. Then again, like the summits, Beyonce coming to Trinidad is a HUGE deal so it makes sense that everyone would want to have their name recorded in history as having had something to say on the topic.

    I was honestly surprised to learn of all the events TSTT sponsors for Carnival. Partly government-owned or not, TSTT can’t continue to foot all those bills alone for much longer and stay afloat. What are all the other million-dollar businesses in T&T doing to support our culture? There’s a topic the media should be exploring.

    • You made the point; we have very few corporate sponsors for anything in Trinidad and Tobago. I suppose after buying a house in Miami there is little to give back to the country.

      The coming of Beyonce is more important than all the summits combined – let PM PM try to wrap his small mind around that.

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