Most Downloaded Movies on Bittorrent – 2010

Jake Sully and Neytiri - Avatar

1. Avatar – 16,580,000 downloads

2. Kick-Ass – 11,400,000 downloads

3. Inception – 9,720,000 downloads

4. Shutter Island – 9,490,000 downloads

5. Iron Man 2 – 8,810,000 downloads

6. Clash of the Titans – 8,040,000 downloads

7. Green Zone – 7,730,000 downloads

8. Sherlock Holmes – 7,160,000 downloads

9. The Hurt Locker – 6,850,000 downloads

10. Salt – 6,700,000 downloads

The movies I saw are highlighted in bold and I am happy, or more like nerdy to say, I downloaded no movies this year. I also noticed that TATT is asking cable companies to get the rights for the all programming they sell and have up to the 31st December 2010 to comply or face the consequences. This I am in full agreement with this as pirates in suits and ties are too common in Trinidad and Tobago.

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Iron Man too

Ram and Sita - Ramayana

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5 thoughts on “Most Downloaded Movies on Bittorrent – 2010

  1. I saw Green Zone, The Hurt Locker and Clash of the Titans (fell asleep for this… the 2 times I sat to watch it). None of the afore mentioned was worth the celluloid it would have cost to print it, if they were still using celluloid.

    I think perhaps had you included porn, you would have found out that numbers in Trinidad might have been higher. 🙂

    • hahaha 🙂 I think for porn, you really don’t need full-length movie since a plot is pointless and the action repetitive. I think porn is necessary as it gives the Internet deeper meaning 😉

      • You are right about the movies you mentioned. I like Avatar because of the special effects and find the deep meaning of the movie trivial. But you should never downplay the importance of good sleep aids 😉

  2. I saw several of the movies on your list…. and loved them! To me it’s a good way to spend a few hours and I don’t expect any deep intricate plots…just a few hours entertainment and an excuse to eat too much popcorn! LOL…. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!

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