Aya Sugimoto Would Rather Go Naked…

Aya Sugimoto Would Rather Go Naked

Aya Sugimoto Would Rather Go Naked

Aya Sugimoto, the Japanese singer, model, actress, dancer turned erotic novelist has publicly claimed she would rather go naked than wear fur and I support her move. Aya Sugimoto has joined the list of beautiful and sexy women such as the girl from the movie Hitch Eva Mendes, former army drill-sergeant Michelle Manhart, R and B sensation Jamelia, actress Christina Applegate, supermodel Christy Nicole Turlington and Polish-American supermodel Joanna Krupa, who posed for PETA ads supporting animal rights and nudity.

Eva Mendes Would Rather be Naked than wear Fur

Eva Mendes Would Rather be Naked than wear Fur

I am not going to discuss at length the ethics of animal abuse but I have made my position clear that most humans are bullies who bully animals into red and white boxes, soup bowls, ovens, coats and boots.

Jamelia is more comfortable in her own skin

Jamelia is more comfortable in her own skin

What I want to discuss is the morality of posing nude to make a point. Some people argue that PETA’s ads are soft porn and weaken the moral fiber of the planet. I don’t see that argument having any merit since a tastefully nude model can raise the dead and drive the point home more effectively than a clothed model. The ethical treatment of animals is a matter that requires brute force to urgently alert people how they may be contributing to this atrocity and what can be more forceful than celebrity nudity?

Former Drill Sargent Michelle Manhart

Former Drill Sargeant Michelle Manhart

Naturally, these ads can bring out the animal in some of us men and also a few women but those would be in the minority. Most people would be curious and realize for a celebrity to shed her clothes and pose nude for no money can only be for an urgent situation. Some may even say that posting these photos on this blog is tasteless but I disagree but even so, being tasteless is not as tasteless as it used to be.

5 thoughts on “Aya Sugimoto Would Rather Go Naked…

  1. Those chicks are Hottt!!!! ….. and those ads are very clever ….. I totally get the point! ….. I definitely won’t be wearing fur …. both … fuh de animals sake …. and cuz I live in Trini! 🙂

    but I’ve never seen a man in any of those ‘go nude’ peta ads tho …… are there any?

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