Liane Spicer’s Café Au Lait – a brief review

Cafe Au Lait by Liane Spicer

Cafe Au Lait by Liane Spicer

“Your top,” he said with a playful smirk. “Hand it over” ~ Café Au Lait

Café Au Lait , written by Liane Spicer, published by Dorchester Publishing is a captivating book full of stunning landscapes, great looking people, a rose garden, one or two string bikinis and a car horn blowing at the wrong time.  It is called a contemporary romance but it is much more.

The story takes place in Trinidad and Tobago and the book gives the reader a guided tour of some of the best spots on both islands for romance and excitement. Shari, Michael, Zoë, Gaston, and Wanda, are believable characters who might remind you of someone you know or would like to be and it doesn’t matter where you live. Café Au Lait might seem a simple love story but like all love stories in Trinidad and Tobago, it is anything but. Café Au Lait is brilliant, fun, scenic, intense and unpredictable which makes it hard to put down – even if you are a man – and much, much better than average.

3 thoughts on “Liane Spicer’s Café Au Lait – a brief review

  1. You’ve made my day, akalol!

    Thank you very, very much. I’m blushing here – seriously! Men are not the typical audience for romance, so I’m happy to hear that reading Café Au Lait was not a painful experience – even for a red-blooded Trini man!

  2. Liane, Café Au Lait is a very entertaining book and I finished it in record time. It was effortless to read and that, for me, is a sign of a good writer. It also had me guessing why Michael behaved how he did.

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