Some Women Would Rather go Naked

Dainty Kane

Dainty Kane would rather go naked

Some women would rather go naked than wear fur, eat KFC, or any formerly live creature because these human activities encourage cruelty to animals. Then there are the other women who would rather go naked for no real reason but yet there are those who never get naked under any conditions. I would suggest to all women if they have to go naked find a reason, it looks better on your résumé. The problem with the women who would rather go naked than encourage animal cruelty is that when they go naked people could miss the point. Yes, there would be quite a stir and people would be clicking photos like crazy at first but  after five minutes of nudity there is not much to see at the same angle and the point lost to boredom.  A clothed woman is more exciting than a constantly naked one but only if clothed scandalously in a short skirt. So nudity can make a strong point but like industrial pollution, it must not be done for long periods.

Khloe Kardashian would rather go naked

Khloe Kardashian would rather go naked

I am both an animal lover and a staunch supporter of well shaped, female nudity so I can identify both with the cause and the need. These PETA ads are not always met with enthusiasm and some even describe these PETA ads as soft porn – it could even be as hard as porn would get in some of the more religious countries. As I argued before,  nudity is an extreme tool used by PETA to create awareness of an extreme problem. We are a hard headed, selfish animal. Nudity is such a powerful tool it could even be used in political ads to win votes  saying “I would go naked if you vote for ___.

Stop The Bull

Stop The Bull

I heard somewhere that if all the insects in the world were to die there will be no life on the planet in 50 years. On the other hand, if human life were to cease, life on the planet will flourish in 50 years. I assume that would be due to the lack of the need for aluminum and fur. I think humans are self-centered which helped us survive and build so many polluting factories. Our self-made importance is good for survival of the human species but it has made mad and delusional men out of quite a few, the meat eaters and politicians, mainly. We, humans, have to approach the next few years with caution, being careful not to destroy our environment, which has been able to sustain our life and National Geographic so far. We must be careful not to assume we are the only living creatures that matter and the suffering and killing of animals for our needs somehow is not what we would want to promote as one of the best parts of being human. Man should be intelligent enough to know where the buck stops and how much clothes or cabbage a woman should wear to make a point.

Playmate Jayde Nicole Goes Veggie Dog

Playmate Jayde Nicole Goes Veggie Dog

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16 thoughts on “Some Women Would Rather go Naked

  1. I woukld rather wear fur in public, then go naked:) There’s a time and place for everything.
    Quote: “Nudity is such a powerful tool it could even be used in political ads to win votes saying “I would go naked if you vote for ___.”
    Lol u think a nude pic of PM would raise his popularity?

    • There is a time an a place for everything and the PETA supporters (models) go naked on posters and tastefully. Now, if PM PM were to go naked, tastefully, then the opposition leader would have to do the same but what you see might be an illusion, as it always the case with politicians 🙂

  2. That’s a profound philosophical insight from jumbie, there… It explains SO MUCH!

    That Kardashian girl has a fetching butt. 😀 Now I’d like to see some fetching male butts here butt you’re readers might think you’re being cheeky – or worse!

  3. I doubt I’m alone in thinking it’s a LOT easier to go naked behind something that obscures the view that it is to actually expose yourself.

    So just how dedicated are you to this cause, ladies?

  4. You all are missing the point! Wearing and eating animals is WRONG! You are the only creatures who go overboard on it. If people were to eat only when they’re hungry instead of when their bored they wouldnt have so many problems. The human race sucks. You will all die for it, too.

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