Bee In Flight

Bee in Flight

Bee in Flight

A Trinidad bee flies in search of pollen and lower property taxes.

I probably will not be able to get better than a 5×7 print from this shot because I didn’t use a real macro 50 mm lens.  This photo was taken in my yard in St. Augustine. My yard and house will soon be taxed at a fair rate and I am eager to pay my part for the condo in Miami and Alutrint.

The first signs of economic collapse are not only the increase in taxes and zaboca thiefing but in condo buying in foreign.

Until next weekend.

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8 thoughts on “Bee In Flight

  1. Love the photo 🙂

    Hate the idea of that fliping land/property tax increase…that was one of the few good things that was reasonable in trini…

    I am forever complaining about property taxes. The state I reside propety taxes is the highest in the nation.

    I don’t mind if they increase it within reason but to go from $200 p/y to $3000 etc… is just outrageous.

  2. Guess the government doh want people to come back and buy property and invest. Sigh.

    Nice photo. I thought about waiting outside to catch a nice flying insect photo, but the sun real hot and no chance of rain down here on the continent. Or I just too lazy 🙂

  3. Damn, I’m envious of this shot; although I did see a hedgehog up close and personal. (^_^)

    The property taxes are a way of punishing non-PNM people for owning a home; as we all know, the PNM thrives on state housing and shanties. Ergo, no PNM will be paying property taxes since I am sure the ministers (the only ones who own their own homes) are exempt.

  4. Love the pic:-)
    Is the bee population threatened in T&T as well? Over here the honey bee population continues to decrease and it has some scientists very worried.

  5. WOW ….. FAB photo aka_lol …..

    and how coincidental …. de TV 6 news now reportin on some “bees” story ….. where a man was stung and died ….. happened somewhere in Central ……

  6. Sorry about the delay in replying but roaming data charges and distractions prevented me from even checking my blog recently.

    Thank you, everybody for liking the photo and saying so. It wasn’t a well planned shot and yes, I am seeing less bees in Trinidad, but I am not sure if it’s because of some strange, destructive disease or The Government – the same thing really.

    I know a guy who is allergic to bee stings and nearly died after being stung by only a couple of bees. It’s good that he knows his Achilles’ Heel now.

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