God for Trinidad and Tobago

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The Secretary of the IRO said “In times like these, and not just what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago, but all over the world, prayer is one of the ways by which we can communicate with God and let him know what we feel … We have to let him know our troubles and he will find a way,” This statement is further proof that even his followers and those in the God industry realize that our God is not as powerful as believers first imagined since he doesn’t know how you feel unless you tell him in a day of prayer set by the IRO. But he  is a Trini since he is snoring on the job.

By His repeated inaction, the God of Trinidad and Tobago has sent a clear message he doesn’t care about the murder rate, traffic jams, floods, plastic bottles, property taxes or even kickbacks. The IRO, the pinnacle of wisdom in the country outside of Cabinet, is again calling for a day of prayer to heal the nation that is sick of taxes and being severely beaten by bandits at home on Tuesdays. Because of inside information, the IRO is 100% certain that God requires a certain number of people to pray and if that number is achieved then, and only then, he will snap in to action – just like a politician.

“In the beginning, the world was without fault, but now, our country is in a period of darkness and turmoil and we need to pray,”  said another illuminated member of the IRO. This truth is so obviously obvious I wonder why we just don’t pray all day instead of bad talking the Minister of National Security, the Integrity Commission and even the President with a nasal voice and little brain.

“If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?”
George Deacon.

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7 thoughts on “God for Trinidad and Tobago

  1. the god of trinidad and tobago might be on one of the many 24 vacations Trini has, or called in sick just because, or stuck in traffic, or lime to much and has a hangover…you know how trinis do 🙂

  2. Is not for me to point out the errors of its ways, but the IRO has the wrong approach. I had a little chat this morning with the Almighty Aloe, and the feedback was that God helps those who help themselves.

    The Aloe further clarified that all the prayers of all the people in TnT won’t help unless Martin Joseph and Jimmy Philbert goes… and install someone with a modicum of brains who could (gasp!) help the people.

    The Aloe further advised that prayer without effort is wasted as a fart in the breeze.

  3. yuh know considering that ‘GOD is a Trini’ i wonder if he/she/it ever went through the process for one ah dem machine readable passort… i wonder who the reccommender would be…

  4. “…the God industry…” Damn, I love that. Right. On. Target.

    To quote Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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