Tax is a Citizen’s Best Friend

taxesWhenever taxes are increased or new ones created people fuss, forgetting taxes are paid by the people, to the people, for the people. Taxes are used to run a country not ruin it and without taxes like personal income tax, VAT, import duty, corporation tax, oil, gas and property taxes we would have poor health services, a high murder rate, traffic jams, corrupt leaders, clogged courts and tall empty buildings built in one location due to the fragile ego of an incompetent leader. Without taxes we would have frustrated citizens accessing basic services like collecting January CXC forms for stupid children, applying for passports, getting “free” health care, parking, and foreign exchange at the banks. Taxes are for the good of the people and not for businessmen to buy apartments in Miami or BMWs for the Johnny-come-lately contractors who support the ruling party and nothing else. Taxes are increased by Governments not to tax the people but because the Government loves the people and needs more to do even less.  Without taxes there is no power and without power it’s harder to get away with stealing, or as Jumbie rightly said, ‘tiefing.’

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Starbucks and Doubles

doubles Trinidad

The security guards at Piarco are sure AA rechargeable batteries are the enemy while in the US the TSA is on the lookout for chocolate chip cookies and little bottles of hotel shampoo. On some days they even throw a tantrum over conditioner. All this is a waste of time since neither battery nor hair cleaner will bring the US to a standstill but halting the shipments of Starbucks will. Everything stops without Starbucks. If you want to know what life without Starbucks would feel like to an American just imagine no channa in Trinidad.

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