Trinidad and Tobago Budget 2010 and Other Money Matters

Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain -1The Heritage and Stabilization Fund

The Heritage and Stabilization Fund of Trinidad and Tobago, or fondly called the National Piggybank, is like a hundred dollar bill and once you break it, it may disappear in Miami. The fund is fortunately controlled by law and a five member Board with proven competence in the fields of finance, investment, economics, business management or law, including an officer of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Non-supporters of PM PM or critics of Early CL Financial Withdrawals by those who knew will not normally be considered for membership to this five-member Board regardless of competence in the stated fields. However,  an exception will be made for those who have a yacht and high-rise apartment in Miami bought with deadly and sensual money.

The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre

Tall Building Port of Spain Trinidad-1The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre or The Real Central Bank will be launched soon now that the South terminal at Piarco International Airport has been upgraded to the standards demanded by the Important but Greedy People Who Want to Get Their Hands on Our Funds and also now that the top of Number One Woodbrook Place can be seen by all common people even on a cloudy, and floodless day. Big names with private jets and helicopters and who can pass the litmus integrity test set by our President of Integrity and nasal tones are practically banging The Minister of Finance‘s Door to get into the TTIFC. According to a report in the Trinidad Guardian on May 14th 2009, the clientele of the TTIFC will be persons who own private jets, whose currency is time and they have to maximise use of their time. “So private jets are not a luxury but a necessity for people like that.” If they could have a private jet who is he to not.

Budget for 2010

Trinidad Helicopter-1The Budget for 2010 will be  unleashed in Parliament tomorrow and in keeping with developed nation wannabe status there will be no excessive spending except for the excessive spending was committed to in back rooms some time ago. Both the rich man and the poor people with Audis and BMWs will be asked to pay more at the pump which will make pumping even more expensive. An Obama-type tax on the rich will be introduced but not to better the lot of the poor. This new Trini-tax will help fund the shortfall in kickbacks due to the recession and also facilitate vital social programs like reelection of the ruling party and helicopters. The Budget 2010 will see words of caution, hope and as usual, will have plenty Hart.

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8 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago Budget 2010 and Other Money Matters

  1. In a nutshell:

    Drivers permits have gone from $200 for 3 years to $500 for 5 years.

    Rum, and beer have gone up – both local and imported but the imported (non-regional) ones gone up even more.

    Fines for speeding have gone up to a nicely obscene level but no word on how they are going to catch the speeders without police getting bounce down.

    Fines for illegal PBR use gone form $200 to $2000 making traffic on the EMR even more ridiculous.

    Poor people will now have to buy car seats for their children under 5 and I suppose if poor people could afford to drive a 30 year old 120Y then they could afford car seat and children.

    • evrything got more expensive…

      comcession for new vechiles/CNG kits…. land ownership and home construction… when one looks at the income bracket they then realise that it doesnt make a difference…

      budget hedged on unrealistic oil/gas prices… when you know you getting less who you feel you fooling by calling a higher figure?

  2. I see ah dummy gov’t…
    I see ah donkey…
    I see more poor people….
    I see more crime…
    I see more illegal drivers…
    I see the police LOL…
    I see moonshine & babash….
    I see rubing alc0hol & bayrum…

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