Random Thoughts – One

  • Sanity is mainly another name for inert and it’s the main cause of boredom, which quite often leads to insanity.
  • I am not ashamed or afraid to admit that “Harry Potter” has never sparked my curiosity. There is something about an imaginary boy wizard having more powers than I have that’s just irksome.
  • The most abused modern-day technological wonder is the cell phone, especially with the camera built in. Nothing is sacred anymore and everyone is a potential spy and private detective. This is a total abuse of a convenience.
  • The new Santana CD “All That I Am” is to be released soon and it is to be one of those “Content/Copy-protected” CDs. I think the recording industry is clutching at straws because since when does copy protection prevent people from copying?
  • If I ever wanted to open a store it would definitely be a book store selling only books. My reason would be that the chances of a break-in would be minimal since in this country books are not attractive to thieves and politicians (but I repeat myself). Books are not any more expensive than other pleasure devices but it requires greater brain effort than most pleasures. When I say pleasure and pleasures I mean it in the most decent way your brain could understand the word. The word pleasure has taken on a new twist lately and word association games have proven this many times over. We are a society of pleasure seekers, especially on Fridays after work…so I hear.
  • Small and miniature can impress friends and onlookers but it depends on what they are looking on to.
  • The Police have finished their investigations into the recent bombings and is unable to determine who is responsible since the bomber did not leave his name, address and phone number. How else can they solve any crime?
  • The fact there were four consecutive full-page ads for the Jaguar X-Type in a local newspaper today is mind boggling. It used to be that the people who could afford these cars in this and many countries were few and far between, but now they are everywhere there is a load of gravel on the road, government contract, or kidnapping establishment (but I repeat myself). I must now conclude the wealth is being distributed evenly, tough forcefully. That’s what is known as good governance.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – One

  1. I like this… I really do. If u open that bk store, I’m gonna be co-manager! Or jus bum there and read 4 free 🙂 As for the bombers… lol – good 1


  2. Instead of co-manager I will call it Inventory Analyst 🙂

    I hope you had a Happy Divali or Dewali.

    ….I think I have a food hangover 😀

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