Trinidad and Tobago FAQ


Where is Trinidad and Tobago located?

10°40′N 61°31′W, if you are into coordinates. If you are not then Trinidad and Tobago is located South-East of Grenada, a former communist run country that was officially invaded by the US to put that nonsense to an end.

What is Trinidad and Tobago‘s total surface area?

Since you may be American I would say 1,978 sq miles. If you are anybody else it is 5,128 sq km.

How is the island’s climate?

That is a tricky one since this year we are still waiting for our traditional bush fires fueled by dry bush and glowing cigarette butts. According to the Metrological Services of Trinidad and Tobago, we have two seasons; the Dry Season and The Wet Season. No, Carnival time is not the official wet season.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you want except for being topless and or bottomless anywhere in public. Visitors should be tastefully attired while the regular citizens shop at Francis Fashions, Detour, Catwalk and Westport. The more fortunate citizens shop in Miami and NY.

Is Trinidad and Tobago a rugged island?

Some of the men, like this Blogger, are quite rugged. Other than that there is the Northern Range Mountains which is not only located in the north of Trinidad but is scenic, and dangerous to hike since the criminal elements can hide weapons and bodies for indefinite periods without being discovered by the Police. Don’t even ask why.

What are the natural resources of Trinidad and Tobago?

We have some oil and gas left. Currently, we are trying to also market Bikinis and Beads but Ken and Len are clueless about that type of thing.

Is the island environment protected?

It depends who you ask. The Government will always say yes but the fish in The Gulf of Praia, the birds in the Bird Sanctuary and a couple lecturers from The University of The West Indies will say something else. An aluminum plant is currently being built, causing much uneasiness for some and much indifference to the rest of the population. We just want to get home on evenings without traffic lights and peeling off tints.

What is the estimated population?

The population is approximately 1.3 million but with the murder and crime rate being so high the migration rate has increased significantly. The Government seems cool with that and seems cool with everything. It is not a problem is the motto of this Government. The population growth in the country appear to be static and this has been attributed to the proper use of condoms, early withdrawals, infertility brought about by too much KFC in the diet, and stress brought about by crime (including UDECOTT) and CL Financial.

Is Trinidad and Tobago a young population island?

At Carnival a large percentage of the population becomes young while the rest buy pirate DVDs or go to the beach.

0-14 years: 19.8% (male 124,480/female 118,725)
15-64 years: 72.6% (male 458,338/female 435,829)
65 years and over: 7.6% (male 40,250/female 53,701) (2008 est.)

Ethnically, how is Trinidad and Tobago divided?

Quite nicely.

Indian (South Asian) 40%, African 37.5%, mixed 20.5%, other 1.2%, unspecified (Colombians) 0.8% (2000 census)

What language is spoken?

Most of the population speaks English but local politicians speak a language of their own which has no meaning and cannot be translated into any know language on this planet.

What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

Port of Spain is the capital of both Islands with Scarborough the capital of Tobago. St. Joseph was once the capital but now all that is left to mark the former capital is an ugly sign put up by the Carib Beer people in front of the old St. Joseph Police Station.

Is there crime on the islands?

Crime and our inability to curb it is the biggest joke in the world. The murder rate is on the upswing and the police competence is an all time low. The police cannot be trusted and even serious crime is sometimes not reported.

What is the island’s legal system?

The rich can afford a better quality of justice. Some lawyers are very rich because the system was designed to make them so. Lawyers have a keen interest in the court delays. Some lawyers, and most women say, the longer the better.

How is the legislative branch divided?

One judge said he should have been appointed to the High Court and thinks there is a clique within the judiciary which he is not a member, so there is some division and he was hanging on a branch when he said that.

Is the local economy stable?

We will find out after the Summits but with UDECOTT overrunning finish lines and with the price of drapes and night stands out of control, who knows.

Is sightseeing around the island safe?

Yes, there is much to see but please consult your local embassy before venturing far from an honest policeman.