Earth Hour 2009


Millions of homes, businesses, and tall Government buildings will be shutting off lights for one hour tonight in support of Earth Hour. This is being done to highlight to World Leaders the need for energy conservation and something to blog about. Lighting accounts for 11% of a home’s electricity bill in the US but in Trinidad and Tobago it is less because of the dense streetlight population. During this one hour of darkness from 8:30 to 9:30 pm people are being urged to switch off all lights and take a moonlight stroll, get fit by running from bandits, or make love in those nearby bushes you had your eye on for so long. The Las Vegas Strip and parts of Beetham will go dark for one hour tonight but possibly for different reasons.

If lights-off becomes a habit the world will not only last longer but the population may increase if people don’t know what they are doing in the dark. This blog is urging people to tell a friend but stay away from Bougainvillea tonight.

4 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2009

  1. Earth Hour is not fuh Trinidad ….. fuh starters …… T&TEC does done impose sufficient random Earth Hours on us ….. some which last more than an hour I might add ….. so by force ….. Trinidad is ALWAYS helping to save the Planet ….. and den …. there’s the safety factor …… you could imagine de chaos in Trini ….. if all ah we was turn off we lights fuh ah whole hour …… dat go be ah serious bandits paradise …..

  2. Imagine what we could achieve if we added an extra Earth Hour to T&TEC’s schedule 🙂 I saw a couple bandits waiting around 8:30 pm on Friday and I had to tell them to comeback tomorrow since it was going to be Earth Hour then. The bandits said they were thankful for the info and didn’t realize that carbon footprint was such a big deal these days. I had to tell them they should not only thief TV but look at it sometimes, especially CSI Miami since the latest forensic crime investigation techniques are highlighted in that show. They waved to me not only with gratitude, but with their guns and ski mask as they drove off in their B-Nissan which was probably snatched from an old woman turning into her driveway in broad daylight a few days ago. Earth Hour means different things to different people.

  3. Hm, Bougainvillea? Do you mean what I think you mean? I must keep that in mind. 🙂

    Did anyone in T&T observe Earth Hour? Please inform the planners that they should check the schedules for the T&T World Cup qualifiers next time. Certain members of my family were shouting instructions to the players on the TV and I didn’t dare tell them to turn anything off.

  4. Trinidad and Tobago is not a green country. The government and people will say the right words but the action is lacking. Earth Hour is not we kinda thing.

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