Jesssica Alba and Kate Winslet – Nudity

Sin City

Sin City

Sexy sex kitten, Jessica Alba, does not want to be type cast as a sex kitten in future roles and does not want to do nudity in movies. She probably feels she is capable of being more than a shape and now wants to try words. Kate Winslet has been nominated for six Oscars and won Best Actress in 2009 for the Movie which she did the most nudity, The Reader.

Kate Winslet - The Reader - Nudity

Kate Winslet - The Reader - Nudity

There will always be people against  any form of nudity and sex in movies but you can’t stop the  sex  because movies are about life and you can’t have life without sex, or a test tube. It is also difficult to have proper sex without nudity.

Sometimes a forceful point can only be made with nudity as was the case in The Reader. One reviewer said there was too much nudity in the movie but  how else can film makers attract a young audience to artistic movies. The Reader was not phonographic  but the first half hour was eventful.

Jessica Alba wallpaper

Jessica Alba wallpaper

Nudity has been abused in some movies and it is sometimes used to prevent the audience from going into a coma, as done with porn movies. The plot in most pornographic flicks can numb even the dullest brain so nudity is used as the device to keep the audience alert and even erect.

Maybe Jessica Alba should shun showing her entire body to an eager audience since her body may prevent the audience from noticing the rest of her. Some actresses may be very comfortable wearing shorts on magazine covers but being nude on the big screen can be like a photographer without a camera on Carnival Day.

11 thoughts on “Jesssica Alba and Kate Winslet – Nudity

  1. I hope Jessica Alba can find some roles that do not involve nudity. That will be hard i think, as nudity and sex do sell.
    I agree nudity and sex are part of life and if it’s presended tastefully, I see no problem with itI

  2. Dear your blog post makes enough sense, there is no harm in showing nudity in the movie but it has to be a part of the movie and should not be in it just for the heck of it. There are lots and lots of example where the nudity is enforced of the movie just to attract attention… Kate Winslet has never shied from dropping clothes but it has always been the demand of the script. Be it The Reader, The Revolutionary Roads, Titanic or any other of her movies. there’s no comparison between Jessica and her….. She’s just too good for her

  3. They are not in the same league but Jessica’s reason is the old sex kitten excuse. Jessica Alba may be talented but nobody is willing to look deeper than her skin. The curse of the Sex Kitten.

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