Bold Blackberry Blogger


Barack Obama might be the Blackberry President but aka_lol will soon be the Blackberry Blogger. The Blackberry is the productivity tool which will allow aka to replace doodling during meetings with blogging. With his Blackberry, aka will not only have access to email in real-time but he will now be able to impress women even when his batteries are low. The Bold is aka’s choice since it is a sleek device that is good to look at, nice to hold, and vibrates to get attention, much like aka. But the similarity doesn’t end there as both the Blackberry and aka can be soothing and addictive.


7 thoughts on “Bold Blackberry Blogger

  1. OK , Blackberry Blogger this is so funny. I can only imagine what kind of women is going to be impressed by the Blackberry and your

  2. That’s a cute toy. I won’t be getting one as I already have too many distractions to deal with.

    You vibrate to get attention? Now that I’d like to see. LOL!

  3. I’ve been into vibrators errm vibrations for a long time now. I’m sneakily trying to trick someone (anyone really) to buy me the Blackberry Storm…touchscreen…I love to touch!

  4. Touching and holding are frowned upon by both the law and the touchee but one can vibrate on one’s own as much as one wants.

    As you pointed out, the Blackberry is a trick phone 😉

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