Porsche Cayenne – Hot Like Pepper


A nicely appointed Porsche Cayenne sells for TT$850,000  in Trinidad and Tobago. Naturally, the quoted price was for the bare-bones model which may not have intermittent wipers or a full spare tire. Based on US prices, however,  the fully loaded Cayenne Turbo S can cost three times as much but it has a nice horn.

porsche_logoThe Porsche appeared on a full page, color ad on last Saturday’s Trinidad Express. I was amazed that the local agent for Porsche, Lifestyle Motors, would be so brazen with the price since the Honda agent in Trinidad, Classic Motors, never publish the price of the lowly Civic or any of their cars. The Porsche ad was obviously aimed at the successful in society like UDECOTT officials, their lawyers, stadium builders, runway pavers/repavers, CL Financial executives, and drug dealers. There is a possibility a Government Minister with a lose belt might also be interested.

Porsche Cayman-S

Porsche Cayman-S

When a man drives a Porsche the public can assume that man already has a big house in a fancy location, a wife in the same location, a mistress in another location, a cat, a dog and a few children to prove he can have them. That man probably gives one hundred dollars every month to charity and spends time boasting about it. Because of the heavy tints Porsche owners get away with, it is almost impossible to see who is driving the Porsche yet the public is still willing to say “oohh and ahh” when the Porsche goes by.

Porsche Diesel Super - Tractor

Porsche Diesel Super - Tractor

Though some people in Trinidad are aware of the Porsche brand the average person has no idea how much a Porsche cost. The average person thinks in terms of foreign-used AD Wagons and I feel the full page ad was placed as a public service to Porsche owners since nobody would buy a Porsche if onlookers don’t know how expensive a Porsche really is.

6 thoughts on “Porsche Cayenne – Hot Like Pepper

  1. An uglier piece of machinery there never was, truly! I had to go maco them when I took my car in to service and seriously leather seats or not, that damn thing fugly!

    Did I mention how much I like the new banner?

  2. It really do.A lot of articles talking about Porsche Cayenne,Cayenne S and Hybrid version.The pricing was also revealed.There’s so much to enjoy with the Porsche model.I’m taking on my list the hybrid one and hopefully buy it before this year ends.

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