Will You Buy a Clico Insurance Policy?

cilIf a Clico Insurance Agent calls today I would be polite and tell him to sell for another company. What will the Clico Insurance Agent offer customers? Will Agents say how many years Clico was in business before collapsing? Will Agents promise customers peace of mind, stability, security and Government backing? Can the Government appointed Board inspire customer confidence? Will Clico be run like the hospitals or the Ministry of Works? Can Agents promise it won’t?

The Clico Insurance Agent has almost nothing to offer customers other than the past misdeeds of the previous owners. Owners who gambled with people’s pensions and savings. Owners who should  be investigated by the police. How can anything on Clico’s website have any importance to today’s buyer. The website is only a piece of history and has nothing to do with the new Government sponsored company. People cannot base any future business on Clico’s boast of the past. On Clico’s website one requirement for potential Insurance Agents is “The Candidate should be free from personal financial problems.” This sounds like a sick joke.

Maybe in a recession people buy more insurance because people think more about suicide and insurance with Clico has a suicidal feel about it. If Clico cannot generate new business would the existing investors and pension fund holders suffer? I don’t know the answers and I am not willing to gamble my money to find out.

Sales 101

salesman1Some salesmen believe they must know how to either hide the truth or lie. Yesterday, a salesman tried to convince me a product the company I work for bought had no problems. The salesman said the user was the problem and not the product. When I pointed out his competitors’ products never had that problem he went silent and tried to make a joke. This wasn’t a laughing matter and the attitude of this multi-billion dollar US company and their salesman was appalling.

What salesmen don’t realize is how hard it is to win the confidence of customers and how easy it is to lose that confidence. Salesmen work for commission and at any cost. This is wrong. The value of a salesman to the company he represents is more than the sales he makes. Salesmen should be paid for the trust they build and trust can only be built through honesty. Recent events have thought us that building trust through dishonesty can only build a house of cards. Some salesmen never learn to do it any other way.