England and the West Indies vs Duckworth-Lewis


Never send a cricket coach to do a statistician’s job ~ aka_lol (2009)

West Indies cricket Coach John Dyson gave England the glory of a statistical victory rather than let the West Indian batsmen plod to almost certain defeat because of fading light in the lightless Providence Stadium in Guyana.

It was the move of a lifetime when Dyson waved the batsmen in. The batsmen were confused as there was no scrolling banner below the scoreboard saying which team was Duckworth-Lewis ahead and there was no communications between Dyson and the Match Referee. It was all down to the nail-biting misinterpretation of the Duckworth-Lewis charts by Dyson. Another fine day for Cricket.

4 thoughts on “England and the West Indies vs Duckworth-Lewis

  1. this is what happens when you don’t play till the final ball is bowled… or to really win!

    the stats wont record it as a coaching error… the West Indies will always have a one in the Loss column… thanks to an Aussie… vs the English… playing in South America… refereed by an Indian…

    the question is being asked… should Dyson prematurely leave West Indies Cricket? he has set the precedent…

  2. Isn’t it strange that spectators and even “experts” did not know with certainty which team was ahead based on Duckworth-Lewis? Cricket is all about the fans and the players and if the fans don’t know what is going on then what is the point in playing. The ICC just don’t get it.

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