Dinner Mints – Something To Suck


The Dinner Mint is the second most sucked item in Trinidad and Tobago and is part of the country’s identity. The sweet is adored by all and it doesn’t matter if the Dinner Mint is made by KC or Diana. In Trinidad and Tobago, Dinner Mints are used as a breath freshener, a meal, a kitchen table decoration, fast foreplay, and also a form of currency. Only last week I received three dollars and two Dinner Mints change from a Doubles Vendor in Curepe and had to hold the Mints to the light to make sure it wasn’t counterfeit. Some of the better Vendors also display a rate of exchange table. It’s only a matter of time before Ewart Williams starts to put his signature  next to the Be Mine Tonight comment on Dinner Mint wrappers.

The Dinner Mint is popular among restaurant owners and is given to customers along with the bill. The reason being the mint can sometimes hide the smell of curry duck and rum from the boss.  The price of Dinner Mints has increased over the years and it joins the ranks of Crix and Ping Pong as items that were once affordable to the poor. However, price increases and the Chinese have not made Dinner Mints less popular in Trinidad and Tobago since the average Trini must have something to suck all the time.