Trinidad Plum

Trinidad Plum

Trinidad Plum

I don’t know if the common Trinidad plum is Spondias radlkoferi, Carissa macrocarpa or Spondias Purpurea but is doesn’t matter since nobody cares. The common plum in Trinidad and Tobago bears around July and August which caused that time of the year to be called plum season. These common plums come in two varieties, sour and not so sour when green, but when ripe they could get worms. The common plums can be eaten as is but in Trinidad and Tobago they are often eaten  with a bit of salt and a couple bird peppers or even pepper sauce if you live in the city. The more adventurous are likely to make plum chow which is made with plum, salt, plenty pepper, and a bit of water to coat everything. The plum is sliced so help absorb the seasoned mixture. People have been known to shed tears and use foul language when the chow’s hotness (Scoville Heat Scale) exceeds the person’s tolerance for hotness.

There is a bigger and juicer plum in Trinidad and Tobago called Governor plum but these are hardly ever seen in public or ever admit to being wrong. I think Governor plum is highly overrated and mostly a cosmetic plum drawing a big salary.

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19 thoughts on “Trinidad Plum

  1. We always had the Governor plums. We also had an uncle we called Governor. I think we must have had high political aspirations. At least when it came to fruits.
    Had to rely on neighbours for the common plum.

  2. Nice. I had all the bearing branches of the plum tree chopped off a few weeks ago, much to my son’s horror. I’m hoping the absence of plums will act as a deterrent to the young men who jump the fence and raid the tree on a daily basis once the fruit are full. They’ve been doing this for years, and last year when I opened the back door and caught one in the yard he did not run off – just stood there watching me until I started to use very foul language, very loudly.

    I don’t need that @#$%&.

  3. Zaboca thieves rule, but the plum thieves around here are quite organized too. According to the neighbours, when we go out they arrive with large buckets, then we see them selling their haul in little bags outside West Mall.

    Believe it or not.

  4. Had to laugh.. recalled that as a child our plum tree was nothing more than a roost for the chickens we ha din our yard. Our grandparents had the governor variety and I must say that when you caught these at the right time.. they’re amazing.

    • Governor plums can be delicious but lately I haven’t been getting the good ripe ones. Grenada ships Governor Plums to Trinidad but I am not sure if they still have plums to export.

  5. I had a regular plum tree that died after my neighbour climbed it; people said he was a blight and the tree must have heard.

    I got governor plum from a friend in Sando, but I spent more time looking at her mangoes than her plums.

  6. Where can I find these plums for sale in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area? I was in Trinidad and love them with pepper sauce. Please help. Thanks

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