Time Traveler’s Wife – A Male Butt Movie

The-Time-Travelers-Wife-eric-bana-2695338-1500-1000Some might say Time Traveler’s Wife is a Chick Flick since is contains more male nudity than any movie in my recent memory. The reason for the mostly backside male nudity has to do with the fact that people can travel back and forth in time but not their clothes. This quirk makes it embarrassing for the time traveler when he arrives at some random destination at some random time; usually near a clothes store. For this reason I don’t recommend women pick up time travel even as a hobby since women are fussier about clothes than men.

Time travel at random and unpredictable times makes for a mushy love story with some blood and minor sex scenes. Time Travelers Wife (formerly a book) is also a movie containing good looking actresses and actors, Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. Beauty had to be an important part of this movie because love stories with ugly people are on their way out since there is too much ugliness in the world and on the streets as it is. It’s hard to say if the Time Traveler’s wife is a tear-jerker but at Movietowne the lights went on later than normal at the end  so I couldn’t say for sure. I heard some coughing  but that might be mostly people trying to finish their popcorn.

Yes, I would recommend you go see Time Travelers Wife if you are a guy with the need to impress a chick and she will be impressed if she goes with you. You will not only impress her it will give her a famous butt she can compare your sorry butt to. Rachel McAdams‘s butt wasn’t too bad either.

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16 thoughts on “Time Traveler’s Wife – A Male Butt Movie

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  2. I read this book. It wasn’t too bad…I expected it to be sappier. Undecided about whether I want to see the movie. Which I guess says alot about the book? Or just that I prefer these confusing time travel concepts to be read about where my imagination can fill in gaps (not butts).
    See, now this is why I want to be back in T&T. So I can go to the cinema and see all the new releases, just like Aka. 😀

    • The movie wasn’t bad, but like you said, I imagine the book would be better with such a back and fort concept taking place. But in TnT I am sure you can get a decent pirate copy on the streets. Not too sure about Guyana though. They are probably stricter when it comes to piracy 😉

  3. Aka i bet you would not say it was overdone if the butts were female.:-)
    I’m with Chennette, woukld not want to wach just any old butt.:-)

  4. This is just another PG 13 movie with only male nudity, if the same amount of nudity shown was female it would have gotten an auotomatic R rating. Don’t you think is unfair that they only show male nudity in PG13 movies?, are all director going gay nowdays?. Pg13 movies for men never show female nudity, Why ?

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