Freja Shows a Nipple

Freja shows a nipple but it is skillfully hidden by the author of this blog for obvious but not esthetic reasons

Dutch supermodel, Freja Beha Erichsen showed one nipple in a recent issue of Rollingstone Magazine, and now I am worried. You might wonder why I am concerned about this show of woman power by a supermodel since supermodels, and even regular looking women, have been showing nipples in both public and private places for centuries before and after the bra was invented, without any uproar, but with plenty appreciation.  What I am apprehensive about is that the photo appeared in the same issue of Rollingstone as the magazine’s latest interview with US President Obama.  If Obama was ever caught reading this excellent interview where he defends himself against the blame and hate that is now being wrongfully directed to himself and his party, the sensation-greedy people might mistakenly think he was into nipples instead of the truth.

Obama on the cover of Rollingstone Magazine, again.

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Trinidad and Tobago Budget 2010 and Other Money Matters

Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain -1The Heritage and Stabilization Fund

The Heritage and Stabilization Fund of Trinidad and Tobago, or fondly called the National Piggybank, is like a hundred dollar bill and once you break it, it may disappear in Miami. The fund is fortunately controlled by law and a five member Board with proven competence in the fields of finance, investment, economics, business management or law, including an officer of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Non-supporters of PM PM or critics of Early CL Financial Withdrawals by those who knew will not normally be considered for membership to this five-member Board regardless of competence in the stated fields. However,  an exception will be made for those who have a yacht and high-rise apartment in Miami bought with deadly and sensual money.

The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre

Tall Building Port of Spain Trinidad-1The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre or The Real Central Bank will be launched soon now that the South terminal at Piarco International Airport has been upgraded to the standards demanded by the Important but Greedy People Who Want to Get Their Hands on Our Funds and also now that the top of Number One Woodbrook Place can be seen by all common people even on a cloudy, and floodless day. Big names with private jets and helicopters and who can pass the litmus integrity test set by our President of Integrity and nasal tones are practically banging The Minister of Finance‘s Door to get into the TTIFC. According to a report in the Trinidad Guardian on May 14th 2009, the clientele of the TTIFC will be persons who own private jets, whose currency is time and they have to maximise use of their time. “So private jets are not a luxury but a necessity for people like that.” If they could have a private jet who is he to not.

Budget for 2010

Trinidad Helicopter-1The Budget for 2010 will be  unleashed in Parliament tomorrow and in keeping with developed nation wannabe status there will be no excessive spending except for the excessive spending was committed to in back rooms some time ago. Both the rich man and the poor people with Audis and BMWs will be asked to pay more at the pump which will make pumping even more expensive. An Obama-type tax on the rich will be introduced but not to better the lot of the poor. This new Trini-tax will help fund the shortfall in kickbacks due to the recession and also facilitate vital social programs like reelection of the ruling party and helicopters. The Budget 2010 will see words of caution, hope and as usual, will have plenty Hart.

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Trinidad Plum

Trinidad Plum

Trinidad Plum

I don’t know if the common Trinidad plum is Spondias radlkoferi, Carissa macrocarpa or Spondias Purpurea but is doesn’t matter since nobody cares. The common plum in Trinidad and Tobago bears around July and August which caused that time of the year to be called plum season. These common plums come in two varieties, sour and not so sour when green, but when ripe they could get worms. The common plums can be eaten as is but in Trinidad and Tobago they are often eaten  with a bit of salt and a couple bird peppers or even pepper sauce if you live in the city. The more adventurous are likely to make plum chow which is made with plum, salt, plenty pepper, and a bit of water to coat everything. The plum is sliced so help absorb the seasoned mixture. People have been known to shed tears and use foul language when the chow’s hotness (Scoville Heat Scale) exceeds the person’s tolerance for hotness.

There is a bigger and juicer plum in Trinidad and Tobago called Governor plum but these are hardly ever seen in public or ever admit to being wrong. I think Governor plum is highly overrated and mostly a cosmetic plum drawing a big salary.

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Neverland – Trinidad and Tobago


Some say it was the thought of being escorted at the crack of dawn on some random morning while he was still in his pajamas, on the next one-way plane to Cuba that caused him to declare an imaginary war on criminals for the umpteenth time in as many years. But with the harmonized, spontaneous laughter erupting all over the country minutes into the 7’oclock news last night, people became aware PM PM was after Tommy and Martin Joseph’s crowns as National Joker and Clown, respectively. Even the news anchormen and women had a hard time holding back a chuckle since his antics sounded more like something from the mouth of a standup comic than a real leader.

c4b_footballDuring the same interview, PM PM said he was angry that social commentators and certain blogs called him compassionless for the statements he made concerning the recent murder of 10 year old Tecia Henry, but nothing he said, or the way he said nothing, during the brief press interview changed anybody’s mind about him. In fact, his show of anger, hate, and disgust over the comments that obviously dented his fragile ego only supported the public’s opinion he is a an insecure leader who dwells only on his imaginary self-importance, and not the people.

So life goes on in our own Neverland where the President will never resign and the Prime Minister will never care.  In our Neverland, criminals will never be caught, our economy will never prosper without high oil prices, our money never stop being wasted on nonproductive ego-trips and our leaders will never stop climbing on the back of democracy to become dictators. When will it end? Never.

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The Low IQ Killers

Tailgate Inspector

I am not worried about being mugged and beaten by Beetham bandits as much as I am worried about being maimed or killed by a tailgater with a blue light under his car. Trinidad and Tobago not only has a President who avoids real issues using boring language but one of the highest tailgater to sane driver ratios in the world.

prism-under-car-kit-bluePeople who tailgate are as useful to society as people who sell corn soup with red nail clippings and are considered the pseudo-cool of our generation.  The average tailgater is young, male, short and wears platform shoes to try to look like a real man. They are bullies who terrorize people on the road and even on pavements and jogging tracks. Most tailgaters also steal high-end office supplies like staplers, Pilot pens and photocopy machines to make ends meet. Tailgaters are insecure people who were ignored by their parents while evolving from baby to brain dead and now need a blue light and a noisy engine to be noticed. The average tailgater thinks the roar of their engines can compensate for their lack of charm and the shortness of their penises. All tailgaters have as much as 3 CXC passes and carry alias like “Bullet Hole” or “Hard Lee.”

It is bad enough to have thousands of illegal guns on the streets but with the brain dead growing faster than the Tucker Valley cucumbers, tailgating will soon be the leading cause of gruesome death in the country.

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The Integrity Commission’s Newest Member

integrityPro Max: Hello, aka please.

Aka: This is He.

Pro Max: This is Pro Max. How are you, aka?

Aka: Pro, ah make out yuh voice one time. I ok man. How you?

Pro Max: Boy, I had to leave my undisclosed destination to come home and fix up some loose ends. That press have no idea how much stress I have and when I wineup so much I have to unwind sometimes.

Aka: Ah hear bout dem loose ends.

Pro Max: That is why I am calling. I am looking for people with integrity again. Or at least people willing to serve on The Commission. That is why I am calling you.

Aka: Why?

Pro Max: Would you be willing to serve, Aka?

Aka: Serve what? Tea? Tennis balls? The Party?

Pro Max: No, you joker you. On The Commission.

Aka: Nah boy. De way I see they crucifying people on that Commission. Not me.

Pro Max: But the pay is good and chicks will go for you.

Aka: Ok, I will serve. Buh whah position yuh offering? Ah think ah goe hah tu get dat in writing.

Pro Max: I am a man of my word and I have to ask you a few questions first before we can sign off on the deal.

Aka: Shoot. I aint fraid that.

Pro Max: Have you ever been dishonest in the last 15 years in ways people might find out about?

Aka: What you mean “dishonest?” I does download some MP3s off and on and I does buy a pirate DVD sometimes. I even download some software cracks but these days dem thing loaded with spyware.

Pro Max: That doesn’t sound too dishonest. What about jumping over fences to pick Julie Mangoes or other priority fruits?

Aka: Only Starch.

Pro Max: I am considering mainly Julie today but I might have to start considering Starch if the press makes a fuss.

Aka: I suppose yuh going to ask about plagiarizing now.

Pro Max: Nahh, is only serious thing I worried about. Everybody does do that. It like breaking traffic light and driving on the shoulder. Anybody know about the starch mango thing?

Aka: Only mih two partners who jump with me and the one who remain on lookout.

Pro Max: Good. Loyal friends, I hope. Anything the press could find out about?

Aka: Boy, dem newspaper people does be everywhere and read everything yes. Ah does look at a little Adult porn in guava season and sometimes ah does zoom a little close with mih lens.

Pro Max: Stueeps. Even Priest does…Well zooming is better than wining up … never mind. So far, yuh sounding like ah man of Integrity. Yuh like PM PM? Just a joke, boy. Did you ever take a bribe?

Aka: No, but if ah take this post yuh offering…

Pro Max: …hush nah.

The New Integrity Commission Fiasco in Trinidad and Tobago

integrity-one1Plagiarismis the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary,

Integrity – One needs to be honest to have integrity – aka_lol

Somehow I don’t feel a self-confessed, under-pressure, serial plagiarist should be allowed to even come within 1000-feet of a member of the Integrity Commission much less chair it. What makes the matter most horrible for The Father, and the country is that he is a Father which requires him to be more honest than even a PM.

Now Pro Max was under pressure from both the Drunken, Proven-Corrupt Opposition and the Assumed-Corrupt Ruling Party to appoint honest members to The Commission and choosing a famous Father might have been an easy choice. But maybe Pro Max has not lived in this world long enough to realize that there is nothing about being a Father which makes someone more honest than, say, a Central PH taxi driver. Also, maybe Pro Max never expected an appointed member to tell the public the truth about what position he was promised on the board. Pro Max should have realized the consequences of plagiarism since he is from the academic field where plagiarism is well known. So when a prospective appointee to the Integrity Commission admits his bouts of dishonesty to the Prez then the Prez should have taken the appropriate action – I don’t think that wining and dancing as appropriate for this case.

Maybe, unlike the ex-Judge, the Father met Pro Max’s strict political requirement. Maybe The Father has more Integrity than the Prez himself, which doesn’t say much. If Kevin Baldeosingh didn’t point out the plagiarism to The Father would he have confessed? That is the big question but the answer seems horribly obvious. And as Kevin Baldeosingh said “I found the apology unconvincing and I would have let the matter  rest there, except I am now wondering what will happen when, as chairman of The Integrity Commission, Mr. Charles, finds himself under pressures rather more intense that writing a weekly newspaper column.”  Please note the inverted commas and thus no plagiarism.

The Father seems to be our local Stephen Glass – a disgraced columnist.

The only difference between a fishmonger and a man of the cloth is that nobody expects the fishmonger to be honest.

So the new Integrity Commission is even worse than the last and somehow I don’t think people are surprised given the recent track record of the Justice and the Integrity systems in Trinidad and Tobago. We are going from bad to off the cliff and we don’t even know we just hit a big Julie mango tree and are about to burst into flames.