Black Swan is not about sex

A kiss in Black Swan - click for a larger picture

The movie, Black Swan starring Natalie Portman gave me a better admiration for ballerinas because the movie shows how competitive and obsessive a sport ballet is.  Black Swan is rated 16+ in Trinidad and Tobago which gives the impression The Board of Film Censors showed it to some 15-year old children and realized they were almost ready for the lesbian sex scene. Progressive.

Black Swan is not for everyone, and some may find it a disturbing movie because of the blood and sensuous lesbian sex. The lesbian scenes may be the selling point of this movie for straight men as men normally take to ballet like a man takes to housework. These scenes were convincing or at least they convinced me that this might be how it is for competing ballerinas after a night of partying and a little drugs. I think The King’s Speech will take Best Picture for all the typical reasons but there is something haunting about Black Swan which says it deserves more than a simple Best Picture Oscar.

Sur les points - on the tips of the toes

Natalie Portman turns up the sensuality

Mila Kunis is a girl with a big tattoo

Sexy Mila Kunis

Amazing Natalie Portman

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8 thoughts on “Black Swan is not about sex

  1. I heard that this movie is REAL crap …. and that came from straight men …. who eh opposed tuh girl on girl action …. so I’m wondering now what exactly it was dat made it so bad fuh dem …. the ballet?

    • Not sure why people (men) say it was a bad movie. Maybe it was the level of concentration the movie required or the one, not that explicit, girl-on-girl scene near the end of the movie, or maybe how the movie ended. I am trying to see all the Oscar nominated movies for Best Picture 2011 and so far Black Swan stands out the most in my mind.

  2. Well I’m a straight man who thoroughly enjoyed seeing simulated lesbian sex go down between Kunis and Portman but I also enjoy deep, thought-provoking movies.

    Black Swan is utter crap. Why? How may I count the reasons.

    1. It was long, boring and filled with totally unnecessary scenes which I THOUGHT would have been tied up in the end. Example Portman’s scene walking through that corridor and looking at some random woman: had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

    2. A lot of questions went unanswered. Why is the mother so possessive and controlling? Why was she treating Portman like she was 11 years old? Why did she almost throw the cake away? Is she just crazy?

    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY : Why was Portman scratching herself prior to taking up the Swan Queen part? This ofcourse questions the logic of the entire movie. Its suggested she scratched herself before in that scene where the mother said “you’ve been scratching AGAIN” and quickly starts cutting her nails like she was accustomed. The movie is centered on her losing herself in the role, but scratching herself from before suggests she was messed up from before, therefore Swan Queen or no Swan Queen the movie is just about the slow descent into insanity by Portman’s character by an already troubled, emotionally immature and obsessed-with-ballet young woman with no life. The Black Swan had nothing to do with that she could have been a gas station attendant its clear she was going to crack from early.

    4. Does the company director really sexually harass his ballerinas?

    5. What happened between the company director and the original “little princess”?

    To me the selling point of this movie was Portman’s outstanding performance and the ballet theme, very artsy-fartsy stuff which we haven’t had in a while at the box office. Other than that its a very underwhelming psychological thriller talked up by some pretentious reviewers creating a snowball effect. The ending sucked also. If you want a movie with a similar plot go see Fight Club or Identity, since this movie is a hodgepodge of such movies anyway with a very, very, did I say very? PLAYED OUT “twist”.

    • Excellent points KayKareem.

      What I thought was interesting about the movie is the haunting nature of the scenes and even the unanswered questions. The many things left hanging in the air makes Black Swan one of those do-it-yourself movies where no two people come to the same conclusion. The mystery element was probably overdone to entertain though. Sometimes art has to give way to commercialism in order to survive but Black Swan will always be famous for Natalie Portman’s performance and that is what made the movie.

  3. For the past few years, I think Hollywood, and reviewers, have been paying a sick joke on us to see how far they can manipulate us into ‘liking’ utter shite.

    Take The Green Zone, and that shitty movie Hurt Locker. Rated and ranked but remains shit to the end. All thru Hurt Locker I was praying a bomb hit his arse so I could see something happening…

    Lately movies have been long stories without a story, not even one redeeming incident to save Grace or even Reshmi.

    Which probable explains why I went back to the ‘kick-up’ market. At least there, there’s no pretensions of art or intelligence.

    • The Best Picture awards never go to the best or most entertaining or most profitable movies. If Natalie Portman was not the star of Black Swan it might have gone unnoticed and then it might be a more honest movie to viewers. I was reluctant to see Black Swan because I hardly get influenced by movie hype these days unless it is about porn – I love porn plots 🙂 Black Swan is still one of those movies that either people hate it or love it. Take away the lesbian scene and it is an ok movie.

      Reviewers are part of the multi-billion dollar movie industry – I say no more.

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