Mila Kunis is Sexy

In my blog post on Black Swan I hardly said anything about Mila Kunis and what I should have said was that she is a great actress and sexy. She is so sexy she is now the new face of Christian Dior handbags or so the rumor goes and yes, expensive handbags do have faces.

Mila Kunis (Milena “Mila” Kunis ) is an actress and despite her Russian and Ukrinian names she is an American actress. Like all sexy women, Mila looks sexy when dressed up and when not. MIlas is no Megan Fox and some will say thankfully, but sexy comes in many packages and Milas is one of them.

Mila Kunis - Sexy

Mila Kunis - Sexy

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Black Swan is not about sex

A kiss in Black Swan - click for a larger picture

The movie, Black Swan starring Natalie Portman gave me a better admiration for ballerinas because the movie shows how competitive and obsessive a sport ballet is.  Black Swan is rated 16+ in Trinidad and Tobago which gives the impression The Board of Film Censors showed it to some 15-year old children and realized they were almost ready for the lesbian sex scene. Progressive.

Black Swan is not for everyone, and some may find it a disturbing movie because of the blood and sensuous lesbian sex. The lesbian scenes may be the selling point of this movie for straight men as men normally take to ballet like a man takes to housework. These scenes were convincing or at least they convinced me that this might be how it is for competing ballerinas after a night of partying and a little drugs. I think The King’s Speech will take Best Picture for all the typical reasons but there is something haunting about Black Swan which says it deserves more than a simple Best Picture Oscar.

Sur les points - on the tips of the toes

Natalie Portman turns up the sensuality

Mila Kunis is a girl with a big tattoo

Sexy Mila Kunis

Amazing Natalie Portman

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