Blogs of the Day

stats_aka_2009_02_19It’s hard to be great when you’re not humble but who needs either one anyway. One of This Beach Called Life‘s blog post was selected by to be included as their Top Post for the day, February 19th, 2009. One hundred Top Post are selected everyday based on the popularity of the blog  post for that day. The post came in at 77. The popularity is based on unique visits to the blog post. The post that did it was Sir Allen Stanford’s Financial Empire Investigated.  This blog was posted before Sir Allen was charged and it attracted some detailed comments from people who seemed to know some of the inner workings of The Stanford Empire and who tried to defend Sir Allen. Apparently, much was a stake.

Incidentally, my Freida Pinto post is now doing very well and recorded even more visits that the Sir Allen post. The Allen Stanford blog post scored 575 unique visits yesterday while the Freida Pinto post scored 643.  These visit-surges never last too long but it feels good while it lasts.

Since humility is not my thing I will go on to say host over 4,000,000 blogs which contains several million blog post. To make it to the top 100 even for a day feels ok.