Trinidad Newsday Steals a Photo?

Trinidad Newsday, in the Business section today, used a photo from without the permission of the owner – me. The unauthorized use of photos is now a  common method of law breaking used by thieves, bloggers, and unscrupulous newspaper editors in the modern world. This unlawful use of the photo might not have been a problem if it wasn’t used in an article discussing the Intellectual Property Rights of local farmers. I am not going to use this blog post to ridicule and embarrass a local daily newspaper that already has been ridiculed and humiliated for firing one of the country’s top columnist for being ethical. I am simply going to state in this blog post how flattered I am that one of my photos was used again with the watermark cropped out almost as if it was done by a common thief who is accustomed to hiding the evidence.

I am not complaining as much as I am having fun with the cropping people at Newsday. Maybe it’s not Newsday’s fault as they may have contracted out the Business Newsday service to the lowest bidder rather than the most moral one. Maybe the people at Newsday need to remember that you always get less than what you pay for.

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Wonderful Copenhagen

Kevin Baldeosingh recommended a couple of weeks ago that we breathe slower to reduce the rate of carbon dioxide emissions and as much as I believe there is a sizable hole in the ozone layer, I would prefer to breath with my usual,sexy, heavy breath.  I would also recommend Tiger Woods be kept away from that hole since it doesn’t need any more screwing up.

I don’t know what our environmentally-friendly Prime Minister will take to Copenhagen to the climate conference, but I am sure nobody will care, unless he agrees to buy more and better Danish cookies for his people. The point of this blog post is not to point out the evils of bulldozing hundreds of acres of lush, green forest in Trinidad to build an aluminum smelter but to point out that Danish Butter Cookies probably outsells the national cracker, Crix, and therefore, has the potential to drain the country’s foreign exchange reserves while clogging up the arteries of local cookie eaters. Danish Butter Cookies are not a problem in Copenhagen since a large percentage of its residents uses bicycles and doesn’t believe in god. We have the opposite problem in Trinidad and Tobago where to get to anywhere we jump in a car and pray for no traffic.

If world leaders are serious about saving their people and reducing carbon dioxide emissions,  I would recommend these leaders find out what makes their people want to have sex without condoms and overeat cookies, and put a stop to the practice.  Sex, or at least good sex without condoms, and cookie eating was always bad for the planet but only now we know why.

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The Stupid of Trinidad and Tobago and the Septic Tank of no Return

stop-akalol.wordpressA new and radical method of democracy is being proposed for Trinidad and Tobago. The new method recommends the replacement of the one-man-one-vote system with one-man-many-votes, depending on one’s IQ. The higher one’s IQ, the more voting power one will be assigned. This new method proposes to not only allow the country to move in the smartest direction possible, but to reverse the destruction established by the stupid. Over the years, the stupid were allowed to dominate the political scene because the smart were too busy reading good books, Miami-shopping and engaging in clever letter writing to newspapers rather than doing anything constructive. While the smart were asleep, the stupid were doing what they do best, stupidness.

Critics of the proposed system say the new voting system will give the smart an upper hand in the running the country and relegates the stupid to their rightful place in the dung heap. In response to the critics, proponents of the new IQ-based-voting system ask “And that is a problem?” The critics fear some citizens and most politicians would be unable to vote because of their IQ and will feel left out of the decision making process. It is both feared and hoped that most may end up shoveling real manure for minimum wage for the rest of their lives. The proponents again ask “And this is a problem?”

The suggestion of the system came about because of the huge negative impact the stupid of Trinidad and Tobago was having on the economy and not for hell they could any of the stupid understand the economic concept called “de money done.”

Judging from the news, the stupid was running rampant for years and had no problem appearing on TV to spew whatever little they had in their heads. The stupid was able to infiltrate, not only the Government, the Presidency, the police service, and the Opposition but those hallow (or hollow) institutions of democracy.  Not bad for stupid people. The stupid were unable to understand anything and simply spent the country’s money willy-nilly on a few tall buildings and one ugly airport. The stupid instituted public policy based on dotisheness1 not Kevin Baldeosingh. Public policies from the stupid were often presented to the public in nicely bound folders and even pdf files to create the illusion of content. Most of the dotish wore ties while the most dotish wore suits and nice dresses to Parliament and Board meetings.

Naturally, some will always argue that IQ is not related to integrity and a smart man may pocket enough on every contract he awards to be able to make his wife happy by buying foreign apartments and yachts. In extreme cases, the smart man may award contracts to his family who comes from a country where everybody has the same name.

The creators of the IQ-based-voting system said dishonest smart men would have little effect on the outcome of an election since they are in the minority and have Green-Cards and American houses. In every democratic country, all major political parties are supported by enough die-hard, stupid people and it is these stupid ones which have the country perpetually in poop-street. Because poop is crap, stupid people need to be restrained before the country slips into that  septic tank of no return.

1Dotishness {dote-ish – ness} – noun – a damn stupid act performed by a damn stupid imbecile.

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Send in The Clown – Crime in Trinidad and Tobago



So Kevin Baldeosingh is still not now writing for any local newspaper because of religious reasons and Pro Max is still at large because of his politics and contempt. But life goes on even if criminals have cranked it up two notches and Martin Joseph has graced our TV screens with an image of confident cluelessness. Still, I find it hard to dislike Martin Joseph since my ridiculously happy childhood prevents me from hating a clown. I can laugh at a clown, I can run from a clown, and I can even kick a clown in its balls if necessary but I cannot hate a clown.  But Martin is not responsible for crime in the country and he is only responsible for admitting in public what the murder toll is. Outside of that public reporting function, Mr. Joseph has very little to do except to make sure criminal deportees are welcomed, the latest crime plan goes to waste in cabinet, and that there is enough helium for the blimp to float in the sky.

assassinTo make matters ridiculous, there are reports appearing in the Guardian today that says a Jamaican hit man was hired to assassinate a senior police officer. Putting a hit on anyone is disgusting but with the Chinese already getting jobs ahead of locals at Alutrint and there is now a threat that the hit man industry may go Jamaican, I see another protest brewing. What is wrong with our local snipers? Haven’t they been doing a good job for years? Why take out a hit on a police officer since police officers have very little involvement in solving any crime? Is that our 2020 vision? Is the importation of Jamaican criminal talent any way to develop our local crime industry? This is wrong for the country and even someone like Pro Max could see this.

Another Thought:

A senior police officer says the multimillion dollar CCTV cameras installed to protect Summit leaders are still working and as soon as any camera stops working there is an alarm at the Command Center causing a technician to be immediately dispatched to fix the delinquent camera. We await the images from these working cameras showing when the driver of the truck  near the Maloney intersection was hijacked and murdered in daylight, close to a CCTV camera. I wonder if the criminals know more about the CCTV system than the senior police officers? Just wondering.

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F-Word – The BBC and Christian Bale Fiasco



Before you press play on the YouTube video there is something you should know. The video contains the f-word and was shown by the BBC on national TV, hopefully by accident. The BBC expressed great remorse and the announcers were on the verge of tears. One broadcaster even said “Oh f***” but the microphone was fortunately turned off.  I know it’s childish to even use the word f-word instead of the real word since your daddy and mommy probably use the f-word in your presence and even when calling you (f-wording child, come here!) but the world is always offended by the truth so we must hide it.

The f-word in the YouTube video was repeatedly uttered by Christian Bale during one of the best actor-outburst in recent actor-outburst history. Mr Bale is a famous actor who became famous for dressing as that superhero so many impressionable children and women with a thing for men with muffled voices adore, Batman. Bale also makes a few extra dollars from acting in imitation Terminator flicks. This can upset some and his use of the f-word can also.

The f-word-offended would include people and priest – holy men actually say bless you my child instead of the f-word – who never use the f-word regardless of prevailing conditions such as stubbing recently stubbed toes, trying to put on a condom in a crowded airplane washroom, seeing the PM up close, talking to a TSTT customer service representative, looking at the West Indies play cricket, seeing a Newsday editor, or trying to find a new Kevin Baldeosingh article to read on a Friday.


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This Blog Supports Kevin Baldeosingh

The Daily aka

This blog supports Kevin Baldeosingh because this blog…

  • …believes in integrity
  • …is against hypocrisy
  • …supports people of intelligence and honesty
  • …is against cover ups, regardless of imaginary heavenly or social affiliation
  • …is against any newspaper that tried to hide vital truths from the public since that newspaper’s opinions are now tarnished beyond shine
  • …understands people who hide vital truths from the public is part of the real problem
  • …understands that hiding the truth doesn’t create integrity
  • …is disappointed that a newspaper has stooped so low

As a result, this blog has decided to not buy any newspaper that has supported people without integrity, especially newspapers that fire those with.

‘Whistle-blower’ fired

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The New Integrity Commission Fiasco in Trinidad and Tobago

integrity-one1Plagiarismis the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary,

Integrity – One needs to be honest to have integrity – aka_lol

Somehow I don’t feel a self-confessed, under-pressure, serial plagiarist should be allowed to even come within 1000-feet of a member of the Integrity Commission much less chair it. What makes the matter most horrible for The Father, and the country is that he is a Father which requires him to be more honest than even a PM.

Now Pro Max was under pressure from both the Drunken, Proven-Corrupt Opposition and the Assumed-Corrupt Ruling Party to appoint honest members to The Commission and choosing a famous Father might have been an easy choice. But maybe Pro Max has not lived in this world long enough to realize that there is nothing about being a Father which makes someone more honest than, say, a Central PH taxi driver. Also, maybe Pro Max never expected an appointed member to tell the public the truth about what position he was promised on the board. Pro Max should have realized the consequences of plagiarism since he is from the academic field where plagiarism is well known. So when a prospective appointee to the Integrity Commission admits his bouts of dishonesty to the Prez then the Prez should have taken the appropriate action – I don’t think that wining and dancing as appropriate for this case.

Maybe, unlike the ex-Judge, the Father met Pro Max’s strict political requirement. Maybe The Father has more Integrity than the Prez himself, which doesn’t say much. If Kevin Baldeosingh didn’t point out the plagiarism to The Father would he have confessed? That is the big question but the answer seems horribly obvious. And as Kevin Baldeosingh said “I found the apology unconvincing and I would have let the matter  rest there, except I am now wondering what will happen when, as chairman of The Integrity Commission, Mr. Charles, finds himself under pressures rather more intense that writing a weekly newspaper column.”  Please note the inverted commas and thus no plagiarism.

The Father seems to be our local Stephen Glass – a disgraced columnist.

The only difference between a fishmonger and a man of the cloth is that nobody expects the fishmonger to be honest.

So the new Integrity Commission is even worse than the last and somehow I don’t think people are surprised given the recent track record of the Justice and the Integrity systems in Trinidad and Tobago. We are going from bad to off the cliff and we don’t even know we just hit a big Julie mango tree and are about to burst into flames.

Curtains for Patrick


Yesterday’s Newsday carried an article which claimed that almost $TT 3 million was spent on drapes for the Prime Minister’s mansion. The title of the article was Manning’s $3M drapes but I felt it should have read Curtains for Patrick. It could be three million for drapes is a steal of a deal in China  but in Trinidad and Tobago it seems a little too much. Drapes weren’t the only thing the population paid for but also furniture and bedclothes at $ 7 million. What I had the biggest problem with was the not the drapes, the king size bed or even the $6, 400 nightstands but with the pillow cases at $158 each. I, like nearly all the population, would want the Prime Minister to sleep well but not that well and with my money under his head.

To be fair to the PM, these expenses were incurred at the height of  the economic boom and his ego. These spending facts are probably only the tip of the iceberg and it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows how much the executive at UDECOTT is being paid to be inefficient but not corrupt. The economic crunch is just starting to hit Trinidad and Tobago and foreign exchange is already in very short supply. Trinidad and Tobago is very foreign exchange dependent with all these nonproductive mega projects still being paid for in US dollars. Very soon foreign exchange control will be introduced to maintain a reasonable rate with apples and grapes being banned again. Without foreign exchange available to the common man the standard of life in Trinidad and Tobago will be different. People will start to complain as certain foreign items like powdered milk and SUV tires become scarce. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is soon a call by those pretentious Trade Unions and other opportunist to shut the country down for a few days like was done in Guadeloupe recently.

Belt tightening will be forced on the people but to hear it coming from a person as wasteful and insensitive as our Prime Minister just adds fuel to the fire. But if I was the PM I wouldn’t worry too much and Kevin Baldeosingh explained why in his Calypso Critique article. This recession doesn’t look like it will go away anytime soon and with billions of tax payers’ dollars going to the CL Financial bailout there will be less available to quiet the people. If only the Government had some shares to sell…