The Integrity Commission Part 2 – Manning vs Rowley Again?

With the new Pro Max Integrity Commission about to be installed, the bets are on as to who the Commission will be instructed to target first. The public might be in for a surprise as the tangled web of corruption gets tangled even more. Maybe the people handpicked by Pro Max and his consultants will be people who will not be easily hounded out of office like the last set.  I am sure once the media smell another Pro Max rat, it will be hound dog country again. With Pro Max being a man who talks strong but acts like a weakling, the public is very skeptical about anything Pro Max touches. We can only pray in Guanapo that the new commissioners have the necessary balls of integrity to resist the temptations of flavorous granted by the Master.

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This Blog Supports Kevin Baldeosingh

The Daily aka

This blog supports Kevin Baldeosingh because this blog…

  • …believes in integrity
  • …is against hypocrisy
  • …supports people of intelligence and honesty
  • …is against cover ups, regardless of imaginary heavenly or social affiliation
  • …is against any newspaper that tried to hide vital truths from the public since that newspaper’s opinions are now tarnished beyond shine
  • …understands people who hide vital truths from the public is part of the real problem
  • …understands that hiding the truth doesn’t create integrity
  • …is disappointed that a newspaper has stooped so low

As a result, this blog has decided to not buy any newspaper that has supported people without integrity, especially newspapers that fire those with.

‘Whistle-blower’ fired

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Angelina Jolie – Wanted – Nude


While we wait for clan member, Pro Max, to send us his Speedo photos from destination x, I decided to post some photos of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos as seen in the movie, Wanted. I take the risk of being removed from the integrity shortlist by posting this animated file I snapped together but at least I didn’t try to fool people into thinking I took these photos of Angelina last,  or any night.

I think the entire movie was made just so that this scene could be included. I don’t know the relevance of the scene to the movie or understand the code of the tattoos but I enjoyed looking at it very much.

Angelina Jolie is not only a great actress but a great canvas for art. I can see why Mr. Pitt was swayed the way he was.

I hope the animated file was not distracting and you eventually found the time to read these pointless words.

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The Firing of a Journalist or The Cover up

THE PLAGIARISTI have been toying with ideas for a short story but haven’t been able to come up with many plots. I am new to short stories and only know about blog post, which is a type of writing that is inherently bad, in my case.

However, sometimes ideas hit you when you least expect it, like when looking for something to read in a newspaper that was once interesting and credible. At least that newspaper gave me an idea for a short story which might be called The Firing of a Journalist, or The Cover Up. I might even call it The Plagiarist:

Idea and for a short story – take 1:

An exceptionally talented and brilliant journalist of a popular daily newspaper discovers that a person who is about to be appointed a member of a commission to oversee integrity in a corrupt, banana republic is a serial plagiarist. The journalist confronts the prospective chairman with the accusation and the accused admits to plagiarizing – mainly because the evidence was very strong.  The accuser still goes ahead and accepts the post of chairman claiming he told his appointer about the plagiarizing and his appointer said “no big thing.”

The journalist realizes something is amiss and decides to go public with the information. For rather strange reasons, the owners of the newspaper the journalist works for warn the journalist about going public and threaten the journalist with dismissal or something similar. The journalist, a man of genuine integrity, refuses to keep silent because he understands the consequences of this silence, and a rival newspaper breaks the plagiarizing news. The public is horrified that such a person of high public standing can be appointed to a commission of integrity despite his appointer knowing about the plagiarism. The newly appointed chairman resigns a few days after his appointment citing some vague law and conveniently not the plagiarism. The journalist is dismissed by his employers because of his integrity. The public likens the newspaper to being pro-corruption, pro-bullying, pro-clique, pro-hypocrite.


Any resemblance of the above plot to actual events in any country is purely, and even sadly, coincidental.

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Pro Max Apologizes After Removing Speedo

jesterPro Max finally took off his Speedo that he wore the whole time he was on his Mediterranean cruise and got down to writing his subjects a sorry letter. Ever since he heard how the people who paid his salary, but did not elect him, were calling for his head while he was on vacation, he thought of ways to keep his job. It was the best job he ever had and he wanted to keep it so bad. He loved his job even more than the country since it allowed him to vacation at the country’s expense. Pro Max thought if he wrote a three-page “I am sorry” note that he didn’t plagiarize he could get people to believe he wasn’t stupid. Stupid people write blogs not apologize, he thought.

ps3-mushroom-clownPro decided he would send the note after The Enquiry start back since people cannot feel two sets of pain at the same time. Pro couldn’t understand why the people were calling for his head since every other institution in the country was falling apart. Was he being victimized, he wondered. Pro Max thought even though he looked like The Guilty, sounded like The Guilty, and quacked like The Guilty, he would be seen as The Innocent once he admitted to being human. If all else fails admit to being human, was his motto. Pro Max felt if he avoided major issues like plagiarism and promises and instead talked about the next time and systems all would be forgotten. After all, he was having fun in Europe and didn’t want to come back home.

tt-speedoPro Max would blame his blunders and dishonesty on a few scapegoats and claim it was the dawn of a new era and debate. People always liked to hear about new eras almost as much as they liked hearing about booms and aluminum. Pro wanted to say the sky was not falling but that would be plagiarism. To appear humble while being arrogant is what Pro Max really wanted to do. That, and to wine up on his subjects.

Pro Max finally finished his sorry note and signed it. He hoped  the people would understand that even though he never said it, he was a Party Man and the Party ain’t done yet.

The Integrity Commission’s Newest Member

integrityPro Max: Hello, aka please.

Aka: This is He.

Pro Max: This is Pro Max. How are you, aka?

Aka: Pro, ah make out yuh voice one time. I ok man. How you?

Pro Max: Boy, I had to leave my undisclosed destination to come home and fix up some loose ends. That press have no idea how much stress I have and when I wineup so much I have to unwind sometimes.

Aka: Ah hear bout dem loose ends.

Pro Max: That is why I am calling. I am looking for people with integrity again. Or at least people willing to serve on The Commission. That is why I am calling you.

Aka: Why?

Pro Max: Would you be willing to serve, Aka?

Aka: Serve what? Tea? Tennis balls? The Party?

Pro Max: No, you joker you. On The Commission.

Aka: Nah boy. De way I see they crucifying people on that Commission. Not me.

Pro Max: But the pay is good and chicks will go for you.

Aka: Ok, I will serve. Buh whah position yuh offering? Ah think ah goe hah tu get dat in writing.

Pro Max: I am a man of my word and I have to ask you a few questions first before we can sign off on the deal.

Aka: Shoot. I aint fraid that.

Pro Max: Have you ever been dishonest in the last 15 years in ways people might find out about?

Aka: What you mean “dishonest?” I does download some MP3s off and on and I does buy a pirate DVD sometimes. I even download some software cracks but these days dem thing loaded with spyware.

Pro Max: That doesn’t sound too dishonest. What about jumping over fences to pick Julie Mangoes or other priority fruits?

Aka: Only Starch.

Pro Max: I am considering mainly Julie today but I might have to start considering Starch if the press makes a fuss.

Aka: I suppose yuh going to ask about plagiarizing now.

Pro Max: Nahh, is only serious thing I worried about. Everybody does do that. It like breaking traffic light and driving on the shoulder. Anybody know about the starch mango thing?

Aka: Only mih two partners who jump with me and the one who remain on lookout.

Pro Max: Good. Loyal friends, I hope. Anything the press could find out about?

Aka: Boy, dem newspaper people does be everywhere and read everything yes. Ah does look at a little Adult porn in guava season and sometimes ah does zoom a little close with mih lens.

Pro Max: Stueeps. Even Priest does…Well zooming is better than wining up … never mind. So far, yuh sounding like ah man of Integrity. Yuh like PM PM? Just a joke, boy. Did you ever take a bribe?

Aka: No, but if ah take this post yuh offering…

Pro Max: …hush nah.

Pro Max, The Judge and The Piper

botanical-fruit-guavaIt was starting to look like a real guava season but then Pro Max decided to embarrass The Judge. Even people without integrity jumped on Pro Max’s case and chastised him for his action which caused an early withdrawal of a member, thus causing much disappointment instead of satisfaction. Some even went so far to say Pro Max was hypnotized by the music from The Piper, who was man capable of doing many favors but little good.

The word on the street was that Pro Max was not a sportsman therefore never had the need for balls so even if he had them he would not know how to use them. Besides, Pro Max was not in the ball-having industry but the Piper-music business. Pro Max even heard a voice like the Piper’s say “you pick, but I will choose.”

Pro Max packed his bags and headed for a much needed rest from nothingness, leaving the country with guilty silence.