The Low IQ Killers

Tailgate Inspector

I am not worried about being mugged and beaten by Beetham bandits as much as I am worried about being maimed or killed by a tailgater with a blue light under his car. Trinidad and Tobago not only has a President who avoids real issues using boring language but one of the highest tailgater to sane driver ratios in the world.

prism-under-car-kit-bluePeople who tailgate are as useful to society as people who sell corn soup with red nail clippings and are considered the pseudo-cool of our generation.  The average tailgater is young, male, short and wears platform shoes to try to look like a real man. They are bullies who terrorize people on the road and even on pavements and jogging tracks. Most tailgaters also steal high-end office supplies like staplers, Pilot pens and photocopy machines to make ends meet. Tailgaters are insecure people who were ignored by their parents while evolving from baby to brain dead and now need a blue light and a noisy engine to be noticed. The average tailgater thinks the roar of their engines can compensate for their lack of charm and the shortness of their penises. All tailgaters have as much as 3 CXC passes and carry alias like “Bullet Hole” or “Hard Lee.”

It is bad enough to have thousands of illegal guns on the streets but with the brain dead growing faster than the Tucker Valley cucumbers, tailgating will soon be the leading cause of gruesome death in the country.

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Trinidad and Tobago – From Green to Brown

I once wrote a blog-post which said “crapo smoke we pipe” if we did not let the Mighty know how we feel.  Unfortunately, there is a petition  to Save Our Mangrove in Trinidad and Tobago and there are not many signatures attached. As I pointed out before, in Trinidad and Tobago “We just want to get home on evenings without traffic lights and peeling off tints“.  Ignorance is bliss in Trinidad and Tobago and bliss is not only in style but a big part of our identity.  But people may not be signing because they either don’t know about the petition or don’t care.

Is Essar and mangrove destruction the best way forward and is melting steel the best way for a small country to develop with only a few years of gas left ? Trinidad and Tobago was listed fifth in the world in per capita carbon dioxide emissions and that was before Alutrint and Essar.  This means we are burning gas like we are burning money in Toruba but still can’t find parking in Port of Spain or a stadium in South.  And the only way we can change a spare on the shoulder of the Beetham is at gunpoint.  Added to all this is the country’s Corruption Perception index has gotten worse and we are now perceived as being 35% more corrupt today than we were in 2002. We seem to be good banana material.

There are a number of websites and blogs dedicated to saving the Claxton Bay mangrove and the environment in Trinidad and Tobago:

Environmentally Friendly

Save our Mangrove Petition

The Mangrove Project

The Claxton Bay Mangrove Project

Pictures of the Claxton Bay Mangrove

Please visit and have your say.

Earth Hour 2009


Millions of homes, businesses, and tall Government buildings will be shutting off lights for one hour tonight in support of Earth Hour. This is being done to highlight to World Leaders the need for energy conservation and something to blog about. Lighting accounts for 11% of a home’s electricity bill in the US but in Trinidad and Tobago it is less because of the dense streetlight population. During this one hour of darkness from 8:30 to 9:30 pm people are being urged to switch off all lights and take a moonlight stroll, get fit by running from bandits, or make love in those nearby bushes you had your eye on for so long. The Las Vegas Strip and parts of Beetham will go dark for one hour tonight but possibly for different reasons.

If lights-off becomes a habit the world will not only last longer but the population may increase if people don’t know what they are doing in the dark. This blog is urging people to tell a friend but stay away from Bougainvillea tonight.