Ghana Gonna Get You

Asamoah Gyan and Kevin Prince Boateng

The headlines on Yahoo last night asked who’s to blame for USA’s defeat by Ghana in the World Cup and to me that was such an easy question to answer – Ghana. The USA was beaten by a superior team with superior skill, superior attitude, and superior coach. It was not the Jabulani Ball or Barack Obama this time. I suppose it is always hard for a country rich with money, movie stars,  and crude oil on their beach like USA to accept sporting defeat by a much poorer but yet much richer country like Ghana but that was always the way of the World Cup. When you look at players from Ghana play like Asamoah Gyan, Andrea Ayew, Ibrahim Ayew, John Mensa, Kevin Prince Boateng and amazing goalkeeper Richard Kingston you realize why the USA lost. Coaches are necessary scapegoats in defeat and US coach, Bob Bradley, who looks more like a stuck up war general than a football coach, is being publicly pulverized as the US looks for excuses for their failure that doesn’t include a superior team from Ghana. The US played well but sometimes big countries just have to accept the fact that being able to consistently beat Trinidad and Tobago in World Cup qualifiers is nothing to shout about.  Ghana’s Serbian coach, Milovan Rajevac, who always seems unemotionally tense, might be doing something right with the right team.

Ghana Gonna Get You

The name Team USA to the rest of the World sounds like an adorable GI Joe sequel but to many non-US citizens, they just don’t have the FIFA World Cup appeal to encourage mass worldwide support and sympathy. Team Ghana aka The Black Stars, not to be confused with New Zealand’s All Whites,  are still considered underdogs for winning the World Cup 2010 but those odds are rightfully declining daily and I hope they make it to the finals and win. With champs and runners up Italy and France already out,  The World Cup now needs an even bigger and better shakeup to give the Planet the hope it deserves.

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France Wins World Cup Exit

Clara Morgane - French Supermodel displays curves that were unaffected by the curse of Zidane

The French could go to France for all I care. Ever since Zidane decided four years ago to combine football with professional wrestling in the World Cup final against Italy I decided to have some bad mind for the French for this World Cup. My bad mind hoped for France’s early downfall despite their super models displaying curves that are useful to most men. Some said an Italian witch doctor placed a curse on the French team and from all the cursing that went on in the French camp over the last few days, I believe the curse is real and worked better than expected. The cursing got so bad France’s President Sarkozy had to intervene but even he could do little about the curse and nothing about the cursing.

Raffaella Fico - Italian supermodel was engineered in Italy

France made their embarrassing first round exit today losing to South Africa, and from reports on the Internet the French 2010 World Cup squad, in the end,  shamed their countrymen, their supporters, their language and the color blue.  It’s nothing personal and this blog post is all in good World Cup fun despite the French not thinking so but seriously, any country where people’s best attempt at English is with a French accent must be prevented from winning the World Cup .

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Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero – Spain’s Pains

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero World Cup Victory Kiss

The YouTube video was posted today, the day after Spain beat Netherlands good and proper to win The World Cup 2010 – Well Done Spain and well done Iker Casillas!!!


Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

Behind every good team’s failure at the World Cup there are always rumours of sexy women.  Men – young and old, athletic and big-waisted, Ferrari rich and Kia Rio poor all have one thing in common – they love looking and dreaming about sexy, young, female Spanish reporters in tight jeans holding a long microphone near a goal post. A girl like that can run rings around a man’s mind for eons and there is little the defenceless male brain can do to stop it.

Sara Carbonero holding a microphone

The assumed romantic involvement between Spanish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, and unbelievably sexy Spanish football reporter, Sara Carbonero, is what is being rumoured to have caused the Swiss’s shocking victory over the Euro Cup Champions, Spain, in their first round World Cup encounter. If this romance was the cause then I would say Iker Casillas is going through the incubation stage of this romance where he is confused, and may mistake a football field for a Jamaican beach and a may not be seeing the Jabalani ball until it’s too late.

Sara Carbonero

The coach and technical team for Spain will no doubt be looking into the matter with many solutions to be considered including ice in the jock strap and reporter removal. What the technical team should remember is that there is no guaranteed cure for early passionate male lust and it just has to go through the lifecycle of lust to love to comfortable to too comfortable to boredom to looking for excitement once again.

Behind every great woman, is a guy looking at her ass ~Anonymous

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Axe The Tax FAQ – Trinidad and Tobago


As the Axe the Tax March gets set for Woodford Square on Saturday, this blog decided to clear the air on the not-so-new property tax that has angered homeowners into an angry fireball. Citizens, despite cursing and more cursing, were about to resign themselves to paying the much higher property tax when, out of nowhere, a flagpole appeared.  Here is the untold story about that property tax.

1.         Who is responsible for valuing my property?

The Government.

2.         Is Property Tax a new tax?

No, but they way you will feel about it will be new, especially after you get your first tax bill.

3.         How is the value of my property calculated?

It depends on the design, room space, quality of utilities, party affiliation.

4.         Do all properties in Trinidad and Tobago have rental value?


5.         Will all properties on the same street have the same value?

No, and as we said before in 3, it depends

6.         What is my Annual Rental Value?

The value of what the Government feels is your monthly rental times twelve.

7.         How much tax will I have to pay?

As much as the Government feels you could afford.

8.         Do owners of Government Houses have to pay property tax?

Yes but the value will be a mere pittance compared to those who by nature of their politics were unable to get Government housing.

9.         What will the money collected from property tax be used for?

Mainly San Fernando Hill and flagpoles.

10.       Should I get angry with the Government for taxing me more despite the blatant wastage of taxpayer’s money over the years and well into the foreseeable future?

No, because the Government promise to keep  San Fernando Hill looking pretty

11.       How did the Government decide on how much to increase my property tax by?

The New Property Tax  came to the Minister of Finance when she heard a scream while looking at a football match that  was being played on, of all things, a level playing field. It appeared that in a nearby room, a typical middle class home owner was being  routinely interrogated by the revenue authority to determine how much more he could give the Government without dieing and he screamed out a value of 3% times ARV  less 10% during the waterboading episode. The Minister, desperate for ideas, heard the screams and created the tax.

12.       What can the taxpayer look forward to in the New Year?

Quite a bit; the Government plans to get blood from the middle class stones in the following year.

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