This Blog Supports Kevin Baldeosingh

The Daily aka

This blog supports Kevin Baldeosingh because this blog…

  • …believes in integrity
  • …is against hypocrisy
  • …supports people of intelligence and honesty
  • …is against cover ups, regardless of imaginary heavenly or social affiliation
  • …is against any newspaper that tried to hide vital truths from the public since that newspaper’s opinions are now tarnished beyond shine
  • …understands people who hide vital truths from the public is part of the real problem
  • …understands that hiding the truth doesn’t create integrity
  • …is disappointed that a newspaper has stooped so low

As a result, this blog has decided to not buy any newspaper that has supported people without integrity, especially newspapers that fire those with.

‘Whistle-blower’ fired

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The Illusions of Life

  • An Optical Illusion - Old Lady and Young Lady
  • The Young Lady and The Old Woman

    An optical illusion is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. Not everything is what it seems and you only have to look long enough and sometimes hard enough to  see something else. It is well accepted that people’s perception of themselves is not how others see them. For example, a politician sees himself as smooth, intelligent and caring while the population sees him as a lying, heartless, crook who should be in no less an institution than a maximum security prison.

    Everything and everybody is not what it or they first appear to be and politicians are the best example of this. Another example is a  beautiful girl since she may not necessarily be as good as she looks but, with a little luck, she would be actually quite bad. The one thing the human mind is adept at is ignoring facts and going along with what they want to believe. It takes a great effort for someone to even want to examine the facts of a situation because the facts may destroy a comfortable illusion. But ignoring facts don’t make them any less true.  Some truths are nearly impossible to prove and to date no one has been able to prove there are no restaurants at the end of the universe or that humans are an intelligent life form.

    I don’t have any advice to people whose minds are happy in their illusionary comfort zone and maybe we all need to achieve that level of comfort even if it is just an illusion. Perhaps the secret of life is finding your comforting illusion and then living it to the very end. However, I am not content with illusions even if they appear comforting since illusions can be fragile and can break when challenged by the truth.Time is better spent with things that don’t break and not with things we pretend to be unbreakable.

    If something cannot be questioned it is probably just an illusion.