Misunderstanding at the Tarmac – 1996 to 2008

The girl is no sniper

In 1996, First Lady Hillary Clinton landed in Bosnia and was greeted by a smiling child on the tarmac during an official welcoming ceremony, but in 2008 she referred to this type of greeting as sniper fire. In the end, Senator Clinton admitted it might have been a child but only after the media provided video evidence the child was actually a child. Some experts thought it could have been a misunderstanding on the tarmac between the First Lady and the child, but Senator Clinton blamed the latest dud squarely on her wanting to be President so very, very bad.


Eliot Spitzer – Client #9

Client #9

According to a recent news report, Mr. Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York is being called to resign after it was revealed he hired a high-priced prostitute. What I wasn’t clear about was why the stress on high-priced. Are his detractors saying he should have gone for a low-priced prostitute instead? Is the crime one of hiring a prostitute, or the price of the prostitute? Should he have negotiated a better rate or report the scandalous fee of $1,000 per hour to the Prices Commission? Is the crime one of hiring a prostitute in the office that he is in or independent of that? Was the aim of the news report to create fantasies in the minds of readers of high-priced versus low-priced? The news report never suggested a price range for low-priced prostitutes so I assume the reporter was quite sure the price was high.

Naturally, it’s wrong to hire a prostitute regardless of price and especially if you have many enemies, get caught, and the subject of news reports and prominent blogs. Maybe the news would not have been so dramatic if Mr. Spitzer had contracted the services of a low-priced prostitute. I don’t know.

Give Him A Breakeliot-2.jpgAshley Alexandra DupreAshley Alexandra Dupre
Seriously though, I think we expect too much from politicians, a profession which has a worse reputation than prostitution and infinitely more destructive. Some of Spitzer’s supporters are suggesting he be given a break but I thought Giving Him a Break is what started this entire fiasco to begin with.

Everybody loves an enemy

Skull abd Bones

Over time, things can only get worse.

The Sly Fox spewed venom on those who didn’t choose him causing his true colors to be exposed in public. The Fox’s premeditated outpouring of his wicked spirit made everybody uneasy except his diehard supporters who normally cheer at anything their misleader throws up. His two partners in failure were almost as spiteful and their lust for power and the treasury prevented the duo from seeing what others see in them; nothing. It is now clear that the three racketeers, The Fox and The Banker, and The Traitor, believe hate is the best quality in a leader and what the country needs more of.

Everybody loves an enemy.

The Things We Choose

bikini on the bay

One reason people choose a particular political party is for the same reason they choose a particular sports team, religion, or Carnival Band. It fills a psychological need. Naturally, nobody goes around telling themselves they are voting for party H or going to the Sunday worship of religion G because it’s psychological. That would be unromantic and may even trigger bouts of depression characterized by wild sex on yachts. Humans need to belong to groups with nice sounding names in order to have an identity. It gives people a purpose and their leaders some extra income. Religion, political affiliation, team support, social standing, bra size and vibrator color are some of the more popular groupings. These groupings may be inherited, acquired through a process of intelligent analysis, or simply be as a result of being invited to join because one met the specifications. Some people may even end up belonging to a group by chance, for example, green may have been the only color on sale at the toy store on that lonely night. Despite our best efforts, some groups we are hopelessly stuck with.

Belonging to a group is not the end of it, and finding reasons why a person’s selected group is better that the other groups is also necessary. It’s no point thinking your selected group is made up of a bunch of wimps and misfits. My chosen group must be able to beat up your chosen group, is what people think. This is where the mudslinging, cutting up of banners, renting of polls, and the spray painting of vibrators in the dead of night comes in. People need to be happy with the thought that their group is the best and the reasons can be illogical and comical. Some groups use fear of other groups to gain and retain support, while others use concerts. One criterion some people use to select a group is the apparent size of the group where biggest means the best. Others use the group’s sense of fashion and how well their leader can act while rolling his “r”s. Even people who do not support any religion, political party, or have no social standing belong to unofficial groupings. These would be the people who either think and analyze, or are too lazy to think and analyze.

Choosing a group may be no different to choosing a car color or girl in a bikini. Any one would do since both would provide the same basic functionality regardless of car color or bikini stringiness. The only difference is one particular auto color or one particular type of spandex enclosed shape may look better and impress friends more in the daylight.

It would appear there is no such thing as only choosing wisely and ultimately we choose what makes us happy because Man is ruled by emotion, not logic.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

The Election Donkey

The principle behind democratically electing a Government is simply letting the citizens vote for the party they think will provide the best Government. That is the principle. What in fact happens is a vast segment of the population support the party they worship as a cult and indeed the party is. A democratically elected government gets there via cult worship and not because of their superior leadership and vision. The tools used by political parties, especially the old entrenched ones, are creating fear, and hate of the other parties. This fear and hate is nurtured by parents, leaders, and politicians with passion. Once fear and hate can be drummed up, a zombie-like cult following follows. More fear equals more hate, and more hate equals more votes. That is known as the secret formula.

Elections time might be exiting and entertaining but it is the time when the true vindictive colors of our leaders and our people are waved for all to see. Listen to the speeches on the political platform and mindless cheers from the crowds you can swear the world will come to an end tomorrow if another party gets into power. There is no analysis by the followers, just blind worship and support. It is for this reason alone the country will continue to plod along and selecting a Government will always be no different to playing the well-loved adult party game called pin the tail on the donkey. Unfortunately, our politicians were brought up to think most of the people are stupid, and sadly, most of the people are.