Corruption Continues to Flourish in Trinidad and Tobago with the Help of Government

skeletonDear Kamla and Anand,

I am now more than a bit concerned that corruption from the Manning era is flourishing under your watch. Despite all your ranting about setting up an Anti-corruption Commission, I have heard nothing about this essential service.   I don’t know if such a Commission exist since a Google search shows that it was last mentioned early in 2011. I blogged about such a measure in January 2011, full of hope that finally a Government in power will do something about the corruption infestation that is still plaguing our land.

What has happened since this People’s Partnership was elected is that senior government ministers are now partying with the obviously-corrupt public officials and some suspected big drug men and money launders are courting and liming with the opposition. By now, despite rants form politicians on both sides, the population knows that Section 34 was no accident and it was one of the few things that the Government, Opposition and other higher powers agreed on for the good of the “better people” of our land. Our marketed-as-fearless Prime Minister said back in January 2011  “If it is that a man works for $1,000 but he is driving a million-dollar BMW, then where did that money come from?” What I want to add is “Where did some of the directors of various Ministries get money to build their $10,000,000 dollar second homes in Trinidad, and buy new Prados and BMWs.” These homes are places where some self-righteous Government Ministers party with dubious characters (public servants) who might well be sponsoring the Government.

Much of the population is feeling betrayed by the Government and Opposition as people are realizing the depth of corruption and money laundering in this country. Both political parties seem to have a hand in allowing these activities to flourish as these political parties and party officials benefit immensely from dirty money. These parties are unpatriotic and their main goal is to ride the backs of voters so that they can protect the Mr. Bigs of our country. What lies beneath our political parties stinks even more than what we see on the surface and what we see on the surface is rotten beyond belief.

A Betrayed Voter


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5 thoughts on “Corruption Continues to Flourish in Trinidad and Tobago with the Help of Government

  1. Nutn.. surprising dey. I done tell people how much ages ago dat dey playing out a pathology that is common to many Caribbean nations. It’s called bongksin from pillar to post! I spoke of it in other places – as paticularly visible in the history of Guyana and Jamaica.

    The problem is not with the politicians. The real constant is the people! People selecting the wrong people to be leaders. When the people collectively change, learn the meaning of personal sacrifice and suffering for a greater and future cause, then perhaps there is hope.

    But mark my words: God shall not come out his/her heaven to deal with bullcrap on dat Rock. Allyuh could pray day and night, God eh doing nutn. I already held God to account – and I don’t invite him/her to send bolts of lightening or some other karma for my ass for telling him/her like it is.

    What allyuh going get dong dey? Mo floods, more bobol, mo ketchass everyt’ing including health service woes, more SUVs, mo rich people, mo pooer people, mo crime, mo murders and sex crimes, mo of belt tightening as dee big boys get fatter against dey belts.

    So far nobody from dee Rock has contacted me since I made several public appeals to assist people wishing to escape the Rock. So t’ings mus’ be better dan I imagine boy! As I always say, all you live on dee Rock deserve it. You eh finding me dong dey! 😉

  2. akalol, however bad you think it is, it’s 100 times worse. I’ve witnessed firsthand the corruption at a state corporation over the last two/three years and it is mind-boggling. Arrogant loose-cannon senior managers refusing to abide by the tenets of contracts and victimizing citizens, senior legal counsel–all paid with OUR money, LYING on state letterheads repeatedly in order to defraud citizens and cover up massive corruption, president of the corporation ignoring for a year and a half repeated requests for intervention and protecting the fraudsters on his team (I’m sure he has good reason to), stonewalling and silence from the umbrella corporation despite all the hard evidence of criminal activity in the ranks…

    We need to make a clean sweep–all the politicians, the state boards, etc. All of them are steeped in corruption to their bleary eyeballs.

    • Everybody could tell about their own experiences with either corruption or incompetence of this Government but it is usually both.

      When the PP came into power and their political appointees moved in, it was like a bulldozer leveling everything in site. No thought went into understanding what, how and why things were there. Everything, every system and sometimes, everybody had to go. But now what is very clear is that this method was used so the “thiefing” could start and hopefully the distraction of meaningless change by the obviously incompetent and crooked would prevent the population from noticing. What this government failed to realize is that we do not want another smoke and mirrors government. We don’t want the people in power to have self-righteousness, fake competence, arrogance and a crooked heart. We had enough of that from the last bunch of jokers and thieves and the current bunch are even bigger jokers and potentially bigger thieves. So, at the next elections, unless something drastic happens in terms of leadership choices, we will be faced with choosing our oppressors, and swindlers disguised as patriotic leaders. But that is ok once each party has a good campaign song and enough maxi taxis to create crowds during live broadcasts which are used as propaganda to create the illusion that we, the stupid masses, are satisfied with the bull crap being pelted at us every day from both sides.

      • The dilemma of ‘Who we go put’. Looks like we’re doomed to forever trying to figure out the lesser of two evils. We need that ‘something drastic’ to happen. Other than that, we can look forward to the same old khaki pants until the treasury is finally empty.

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