Dear Kamla – There is no Silver Lining on this Dark Cloud

Dear Kamla,

After your speech last night, I can say you are now in the same league as Patrick Manning – incompetent beyond words. It is either incompetent or part of the conspiracy plot but believe me, incompetent is the better choice.

It seems you were the last person in Trinidad and Tobago to realize that Mr. Hubert could not be trusted around the laws of the country. What does that say for your other choices of members of your cabinet? Is Mr. Hubert the only one who can not be trusted? Your judgment apparently leaves a lot to be desired and I now truly believe that we will have many more disgraceful and unpatriotic lies and schemes which you and your cabinet are planning to “unintentionally” unleash onto the public.

If there really was a new level of accountability from the Government when the People’s Partnership replaced the PNM you would have also fired Mr. Anand and throw in Jack for good measure simply because they were telling the population “move on, nothing to see here.” Really, nothing to see here!  Maybe you should have also resigned in order to show the population what good governance really looks like.  Your speech last night does not signal the end but the beginning of the end for your party. It’s so sad it had to come to this.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Kamla – There is no Silver Lining on this Dark Cloud

  1. It is time that we the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago realize because of our so called culture we are to be blamed for any problems that may arise from the present or past government, because we tend to be too trust worthy and we know we cannot trust anyone we put in power ,so it is high time we put pen to paper or put our heads together, to change the way we deal with politics, any government that goes into power, should no longer get away for corruption, wrong doing, mismanagement of funds, lies, and leaving our country bankrupt they if found guilty, should pay by some penilty that needs to be put in place, for the better of all of us, and for the future of this nation, and in that way we can freely put anyone in power, and know they will do their best and if found guilty,
    we can rest asure that they will be dealt with according to the law.

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