Trinidad and Tobago – 50 Years of Running Thing

Trinidad and Tobago – 50 Years of Running Thing

Since we are a independent nation we are free to choose either Nike, Puma, Adidas, Ascis, New Balance, Saucony, Reebok, Brooks or Hanwag as our national running shoe.  What better way to celebrate 50 years of Independence – 50 years of running thing. In fact, we have become a nation so taken up with running our own affairs our  National Watch Words have unofficially become “Run Something Nah.”

50 years of independence also means making our own living, making our own decisions, importing our own food and drugs and electing our own kings and queens to govern us in ways no foreigner can ever govern. We have been making our own laws and selectively enforcing them in ways our various governors and cabals see fit. We are a people united by sports, floods, fashion and sometimes even the odd sex tape but divided by oppressor selection. We reportedly have more freedom than the average democratic country – we have countless radio stations, and a few TV stations where announcers can feign intelligence by using any foreign accent they see fit. We have several newspapers with some good writers and several local blogs that are free to criticize and spell in either British or American English without police or political interference. After 50 years of independence we can safely say we still have some of our own oil and gas left,  bulldoze our own land, make our own floods, bribe our own people, and spill our own blood on both our own roads and tracks behind some houses where loud explosions are normally heard. We are independent enough to let murderers get away with murder and  big boys get away with our money. 50 years of independence means the cabals can favor who they want and call it fair-play. I am so happy we are so independent.

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