The People’s Partnership – After Two Years Nothing Has Changed

There is a 16-page color pullout in all the daily newspapers today boasting of the accomplishments of the Government over the last two years. This pullout is funded by taxpayers. Didn’t we vote against this foolishness? Nothing has changed.

WTF – Nothing Has Changed

I thought any political party that replaced a corrupt and vindictive regime like the Manning administration would have at least appeared, without even trying, competent and  honest during its first two years in office. Sadly, that has not been the case. All the Peoples Partnership has appeared to have done was to replaced  once set of corrupt, vindictive and incompetent people with another set. The die hard supporters will say the PP is trying hard but the PNM stooges are making it difficult. I don’t see that as being the reason for the PP’s lack of performance but instead the lack of performance is due to fighting at all levels of the party and parties for the spoils of the land. It is about greed and who will get to fly with Kamla. It seems the mandate of those who were appointed to positions of power is to beat up every living living thing that doesn’t look like a PP supporter. Make enemies out of your friends.

In my opinion, simply replacing the hate from the former PNM administration with the hate from the Peoples Partnership will never carry the country forward. The PP, including Kamla, is still blaming others for the PP’s inherent stupidity and incompetence. Two years in more than enough time for the PP to stop blaming the past regime for its failures. Rid the party of the likes of the spin doctors Tim, Suruj and Roodal, and the Party might have a better chance of being reelected.  Tim and Suruj are nearly impossible to like while Roodal comes across as a smart-man who knows everybody knows he is one. Kamla, though likeable at times, now comes across as a puppet with nearly invisible strings.

The anti-productivity, falsely self-righteous MSJ, a nearly severed arm of the PP, has cited favoritism and nepotism as two of the reasons for not celebrating tonight with the other Parties that make up the PP – UNC, COP, TOP, NJAC. Regardless of the reasons the MSJ gave for pulling out of the celebrations (and not the Partnership as yet), the main but unsaid reason is probably the massive failure of the TCL strike – the failure of the OWTU. Next to the Government, the OWTU might be the biggest bully in the country and bullies tend not to get along well together.

So far, the PP has shown the country that they are no different to the PNM but then again that is what the majority of its hardcore supporters really wanted – jobs for the unsuitable boys and girls along with contracts for the supporters and financiers.   Over the next three years I expect an increase use of  the smoke-and-mirror technique while there will be more pick pocketing of the taxpayers’ purses by those who are friendly with those on the top.  Because of the money is everything mindset of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, there will be no improvement in the way the country is governed as culturally, corruption is only a dirty way of life when others are the corrupt ones.

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4 thoughts on “The People’s Partnership – After Two Years Nothing Has Changed

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  3. When I was much younger I used to cringe when I heard the saying that “people get the leadership they deserve…” And the flinch is really the reaction of someone who thinks that they are better than the general populace and shouldn’t have to pay for the stupidity of the “masses”. As time passed and I eventually resigned myself to the workings of what a democracy is all about, I had no choice but to accept the choice of the majority.

    So I stayed home and couldn’t care less about the PP’s celebration – does that make me right and 35,000 flag waving, horn blowing, party colours wearing enthusiastic supporters wrong? I’ll tell you where I am wrong – that I don’t do enough to emphasise my message about what is wrong with our system of govenance and how the population should demand it be fixed.

    The obscene pullout (most likely paid by taxpayers) said nothing about the main pillars of why I voted for this government in 2010: constitution reform that included – 1. Fixed terms, 2. fixed election dates, 3. right of recall, 4. referenda on critical national issues, but more importantly, I want to see a totally different structure when it comes to the executive and the legislature.

    We are but children in the eyes of our leaders who speak about box drains and paved roads. In the words of our past PM, we are not sophisticated enough (and I agree most of the time…) and so treated with contempt.

    • That was well said. Any government that can provide the population with an adequate amount of box drains and patched roads will be hard to vote out of office. All we really want from our Government, apart form box drains and CEPEP work, is plenty well placed public holidays and fireworks throughout the year. Ever so often we will need to be comforted with tales of new oil and gas finds and once that is done with full-page ads at our expense, we will be a nation of deliriously happy people.

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