Bandits Shout Duck before Crying Foul

The Bandits Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BanATT) was catapulted into mourning and anger yesterday when they learnt the Police took down three of their members. One member of the association who was both not authorized to speak to the media and on the run from Police for some time, lamented how the Bandits were only trying to make the usual dishonest dollar. He said first it was the curfew, and now they have Police Officers that could shoot reasonably straight even in a crisis at 2:00 am. The unofficial spokesperson for BanATT said that the Police officers were equipped with bullet-proof vest, well maintained guns and a regular pay check while the bandits were simply armed with three or four guns, which could effectively kill a  few unarmed, law-abiding citizens during a daily robbery but the weapons seem of little use in shootouts with the Police. He lamented this disadvantage and hoped to invest some of the money he will soon get from his new government handout, disguised as a job, in better tools for bandits. The spokesperson said their Association may take the case to the Equal Opportunity Commission as Police seem to be preventing Bandits from carrying out their trade while allowing the law-abiding to make an honest dollar. He stressed the Association has nothing against people making an honest dollar since it was the honest dollar from the man in the street that  keeps their members happy and well fed. A similar sentiment was also expressed by CL Financial investors.

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3 thoughts on “Bandits Shout Duck before Crying Foul

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  2. Nice one. My brother’s sister-in-law and her two children were robbed at gunpoint in their house last week by four card-carrying BanATT members. They obviously had the right weapons for that kind of job.

    Off topic, a certain blinking, linking site keeps inviting me to link up with you and a few other online connections. Couldn’t figure out how they knew I knew you – Internet voodoo! – then I realised they maco my e-mail contacts if I’m signed in when I visit their site. Damn scary. Many regular sites also maco my Facebook contacts if I’m signed in when I visit them too. No wonder the powers that be are trying to regulate the ‘net. Even the Repubs and Dems agree on this one. Seems Google has a few objections, though. Wonder why…

    • Bandits are deadly bullies and love to show their power against helpless victims. I am not condoning police bullying but sometimes bandits get just a taste of what they deserve.

      These linked in and facebook sites are aggressive in finding followers as that is what keeps the network growing. I have linked up with many people and generally don’t have a problem with that but with facebook, I am ultra cautious.

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