Rihanna Loves Vita Coco

Rihanna in Vita Coco ad

The St. Michael, Barbados-born, super-successful pop singer Rihanna’s latest exploit is the popular American-owned, but made from Brazilian coconuts, Vita Coco coconut water.  Vita Coco is advertised as 100% pure and made from only green, handpicked coconuts as opposed to those dry up ones that our iconic coconut vendors sometimes have no choice in selling to a coconut-friendly but agriculturally challenged nation like Trinidad and Tobago.

Rihanna sporting a Vita Coco in Tetra Pak

Apparently the Vita Coco Company has been around for about 4 or 5 years and I like the concept of Vita Coco coconut water having a shelf life of 8 months without refrigeration. The company has sales of around US$ 12 million per year and is said to be worth over US$100 million. The company has been able to attract celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore to invest in it because they love to hydrate naturally with Vita Coco. Vita Coco comes in that familiar, Swedish Tetra Pak which is also a symbol for clogged drains in Trinidad and Tobago.  Rihanna’s controversial Man Down video has Vita Coco strategically placed for a fee.

Vita Coco is advertised as a way to “Hydrate naturally,” “So good for you it’s nuts,” and “Nuts for life.” Sexy Rihanna says “I love Vita Coco! It’s real coconut water from hand-picked coconuts.” I predict when Rihanna’s Vita Coco ad campaign is formally launched, the ads might say “Rihanna loves her Vita Coco,” or “So goood you will want to suck on it all day” or even “It’s better than two bananas.”

Rockefeller Plaza on May 27, 2011 in New York City

I don’t think Vita Coco is available in Trinidad and Tobago and I never tasted is so I can’t say how good or bad Vita Coco is. What I do know is that I once tasted canned coconut water from Thailand and nearly puked as it tasted more like boiled coconut husk than coconut water.Coconut water in Trinidad and Tobago is available fresh from the nut from many vendors brandishing razor-sharp cutlasses at equally hazardous prices. Recent trends suggest that waiting by coconut vendors with jug in hand is not too fashionable in our wannabe first world country so many have instead opted to fork out large amounts of their disposable incomes for those refrigerated, short-shelf-life bottles of coconut water in the supermarkets. I can’t say if the coconut water sold in supermarkets has no added ingredients or that it is 100% pure or that the nuts are green and handpicked like Vita Coco. What I do know is that the quality of coconuts in Trinidad and Tobago is as inconsistent as the color of WASA’s water or the charges Customs Officers at the courier bonds drop on unsuspecting taxpayers.

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