Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

This video was posted by Captain Walker on the popular  blog Jumbie’s Watch and I have to admit it’s a good combination of wine, women and song. For those who find she looks familiar, Nicole Scherzinger is the former lead singer of the all-girl group called The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger looks great and can dance in a manner that encourages men to want more. Some say she is rather tame compared to women in Trinidad on Carnival days but I will let you be the judge.

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15 thoughts on “Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

  1. A feel Jumbie have a fetish fuh jelly-bellies eh. And all dem uman wid weight problems like tuh hear dat man find dem attractive eh. So dey chupid. Boy Jumbie, yuh could well gih basket eh. :))

    Nicole eh nowhey near a bony yard fowl. Dee uman slim, have nuff meat on she and real sexy! Ah cyah spot a drop o’ cellulite on she leg or she belly – daize how ah like it. But in fact uman does envy Nicole bad.. so it eh got nutn in particular tuh do wid me.

    Oh and she wineing have meh sleepless!! LOL. Jumbie boy, jes look elsewhere nuh. 🙂

      • Ah jes had a closer look at dat vid. I eh know wot Jumbie grumbling ’bout.. dey have some real t’ick ones in dey fuh ‘im. Look to 3:25 in the vid – dat one have some ‘coconot crackin’ thighs – like a man nuh! Jumbie would be in heaven, if one like dat rong ‘im eh. OMG. LMAO!!! Look lehmeh behave eh… before Mrs Jumbie vex wid meh eh. 🙂 😉

  2. Tut, tut. Just because I ent like um yard fowl, the Capn have tuh run to the other extreme to deliver ah pig. No getting to him, nah; I give up trying.

    In case allyuh wondering, I like um proper woman… like this.

    • Nah..nah.. me eh run to no other extreme, because you eh like a certain type.. yuh wrong. I honestly thought and still know, daize yuh taste in booboloops uman.

      Even on yuh blog yuh have all kind a pics o’ booboloops uman.. so doh try no shit. LMAO. I doh look like you was treating lol here, you was treatin’ yuhself – innit! Booboloops no ass eef yuh arks me is what dem is.

  3. How you mean – yuh jes cyah diss ah man taste in uman jes so, and not have a few bottle pelted eh. 🙂 Well, men have fought over uman from long long time. Nutn new there eh. Nobody calls my Nicole a yard fowl and gets away unscathed!! LOL.

  4. I think most fights between men are over women or money, which is the same thing really. But as the 2011 song by Kes says “Big thing, small thing, ah wineing up on all thing” :mrgreen:

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