Snooki Made Simpler

Snookie in Jersey Shore

Snookie in Jersey Shore

Who is Snooki – Sooki is an American, female celebrity who sometimes looks sexy to some

Where was she born – In Chile but was adopted at age six months by Italian-American parents

How old is Snooki – Age: 23 – She was born 11/23/1987 – November 23rd 1987

Is Snooki her real name – Of course not! Her real name is Nicole Polizzi

Snooki poses

Where did she get the name Snooki – From her friends in school

What is Snooki famous for – Snooki became famous mainly for her role in the popular MTV reality show, Jersey Shore.

Why – Why what?

Why is Jersey Shore popular – Please continue


Is Snooki really short – Sooki is 4 feet 11 inches which is probably the same height as Shakira. Snooki is however thicker than Shakira so she looks short even when photographed standing alone.

What does thick mean – According to the Free Online Dictionary thick is an adjective meaning “having a relatively large distance between opposite sides; not thin; a thick book; thick walls; thick glass.”

Will she be famous for much longer – Nobody really knows. Snooki is a combination of cute and irritating so as long as the world needs these two in one compact, female package Snooki will continue to earn at least $US30, 000 per episode of Jersey Shore while continuing to address university students for a fee of $US32, 000.

Does Snooki Facebook, Twitter and blog – Yes – She Tweets – She Blogs – She Facebooks and She even Websites

So she is a bit like Kim Kadashian with some talent – Yes, but no sex tape.

Snooki signs something

20 thoughts on “Snooki Made Simpler

  1. Should I be ashamed tuh say that I’ve never seen that show??? …. I mean I know who she is …. but I’ve never felt the urge tuh watch de show ….. and ugh aka …. how can you compare her to Kim …. Kim is HOTTTT!!!

  2. I don’t like reality TV either …. but I sometimes watch the Kardashians …. as in …. all 4 of their shows …. i.e. the original …. the Miami one …. the New York one …. and now the Lamar and Khloe one …. can’t wait to see what they come with next :-O

  3. OMG! The first pic is BANGING! For all you guys who actually like Snooki… you know what im talking about! lol! She is sweeter than candy!

  4. I really really like your posts….but how bout a post featuring some eye candy for the ladies? My favourite option (TODAY) would be Chris Hemsworth…

    Totally agree with you about the reality TV thing…plus, my life is enough reality for me! I really miss TV where someone with an incredible mind created totally imaginary and fantastic worlds……which were meant to take you away from reality!

    • For some reason, maybe my genetic makeup, I tend to post eye candy men, and some women, will enjoy 🙂 Can’t make any promises about Chris Hemsworth but I shall consider it.

      I am hoping reality TV is a passing craze because, as you say, it flops when compared to a good imagination.

  5. Well thank you, I think, for keeping me updated. hadn’t a clue as to the series she is from or who she might be. oops did I just show my dinosaur stripes:-)

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