The Secret Murderers of Trinidad and Tobago

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. There are no in-betweens. Unfortunately, we in Trinidad and Tobago have too many problems and apart from the obvious problem-people who run drugs, smuggle guns, traffic humans, and plunder the treasury, we have possibly thousands of the less obvious and even more dangerous ones. These less obvious ones are the selfish, ignorant, police-pampered idiots who drive like the highway is a race track installed and maintained for their recreational purposes. They are bullies who speed, tailgate, flash lights, swerve in and out, and seem smug behind the wheel of their built-to-kill cars and trucks. These people, for some reason, have not been able to internalize how driving like an idiot can, in a few seconds, easily destroy the lives of many innocent people just by their intentional thoughtlessness. These drivers – more like murderers – have destroyed, not only the lives of the ones they killed or maimed on the roads, but also the ones who were at home waiting forever for their loved ones to return.

Even as I type this some contractor is happily plundering our scarce dollars that were diverted from the pockets of public servants, to install barriers on the highway just so that a politician can gain fame and also so that the death toll and sadness due to idiot-driving will hopefully be reduced. Some say we need more police patrols on the highway but what we really need is less uncaring people in our country. Some might argue that it is possible to be a Satan on the roads but be a good and caring father, mother, brother, sister, friend etc. From my experience with speed demons, I have to say that their natural evil-mindset far outweigh their pretentious public display of compassion. An uncaring person is uncaring 24-7 and no amount of phony foreign accents, flowing local dialect, paper degrees, high or low society standing and police friends can make them anything but scum that is helping to run our society into the ground.


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