Foreign-Used Car Buyer’s Guide – 2011 – Trinidad and Tobago

Don't let this happen to you

Since the recent disastrous 9.0 earthquake in Japan which triggered a Tsunami and then the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster I am concerned about the effects these will have on Trinidad and Tobago. What I am more concerned about is the leaking radiation from the Fukushima power plant than the disruption in supply of Japanese made products as the world is worried where the Fukushima radiation will end up next. It may end up in cans of tuna or worse, foreign used cars in Trinidad and Tobago. This might sound like fear mongering but Trinidad and Tobago is a country where the unscrupulous is alive and well. It is a country where for years, I am told, the population was sold kangaroo meat and told it was goat. I am even more concerned when I think about the sleazy characters who sell foreign-used cars in this country. Don’t be surprised that you get up one night to see your brand new foreign-used Nissan or Toyota glowing in the dark like a working T&TEC streetlight.

giga counter from Amazon

With radiation on the mind of this blogger, I will recommend to readers they invest in a radiation detector from Amazon to take the guesswork away from the dealer. Radiation detectors might seem expensive but compared to the gene mutation that may make you a super zero instead of a super hero, it is more that worth the US$400 plus taxes.

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